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AK Clinics – Side effects of Hair Transplant

AK Clinics | June, 26 2013 | 0 Comments

Q. I’ve learnt from somewhere that Hair transplant only works in that cases where there is no side lying chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes or obesity. I’m suffering from both diabetes & anxiety from the last 5 years and managing the same with 10 units of insulin daily and mild dose lorazepam; please suggest can I undergo Hair Transplant, also whether my anxiety could be because of Hair Loss.

A. In fact this is a very valid question and there are ample amount of myths around the same.

  • Hypertension and diabetes mellitus is an issue when it is uncontrolled, if they are controlled or in their normal range after your daily dose of prescribed medicine, then you are considered as a healthy candidate of hair transplantation.
  • After your daily dose of insulin if your RBS level is lower than 140mg/dl, then you can go through hair transplantation, just remember to take your dose before coming for the procedure.
  • Lorazepamposes no issue with hair transplant surgery; in fact some centres prescribe medicine from this group for mild sedation of the patient.

At AK Clinics, we study the complete drug history of the patient before operating upon him. One must be thoughtful in choosing a hair transplant centre and discuss complete history with doctors; with us it is a practice.

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