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AK Clinics stands as a top-tier hair and skin clinic in Ludhiana, providing exceptional services in hair and skin care. Achieving flawless skin and stunning hair is a universal aspiration. At our clinic, we work tirelessly every day to turn these desires into reality. We understand your aspirations of having a stylish look with healthy hair and supple skin. If you’re searching for a transformation like no other, look no further.

Our experts take each and every tiny detail into consideration right from the start of diagnosis to the completion of aftercare treatments. We have our target goals which includes;

  • Repair
  • Rejuvenation;
  • Enhancement &
  • Maintenance

Hair Restoration Treatments in Ludhiana

At our clinic, we have our in-house trichologist in Ludhiana for the best hair treatment. Our experienced hair surgeons have given countless successful hair transformations including hair transplant and hair care therapies. In today’s fast paced life, hair fall is a common problem and more people are suffering from hair disorders these days.

At AK clinics, our hair experts thoroughly examine the exact cause of your hair fall and then cater the right treatment plan for you. There can be various causes for hair loss some of which may include a hormonal imbalance or an unhealthy diet. You will undergo a few basic tests like hair and scalp examination too. From our various and best hair treatments in Ludhiana at our clinic, you will be recommended following treatments;

Hair restoration / Hair Loss Treatment

If your hair loss is in its initial stages, then our doctors may prescribe you hair restoration medications and therapies including FDA approved Minoxidil and Finasteride or PRP therapy, Mesotherapy or Low Level Laser Therapy.

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant at our clinic in Ludhianais performed by highly experienced hair transplant surgeons. If you are bald or you have a receding hairline, then your only option is hair transplant. Our hair transplant surgeons may recommend FUE, FUT or Bio FUE hair transplant. Bio FUE is our inhouse procedure of hair transplant.

PRP Treatment

Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy or PRP therapy is the latest and most effective treatment of hair fall and is recommended by hair experts. Blood will be taken out and is converted into serum by centrifugation and then injected into the scalp along with other micronutrients to promote hair growth.

SMP Treatment

SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation is the hair fall treatment option for those who don't want to undergo surgery. If your hair fall has just started, then you can undergo SMP. Tiny dots of ink matching your hair color will be inked on your scalp and this will give the impression of fuller hair growth. Along with SMP, you will be recommended therapies to reduce the hair fall.

Skin Care Treatment in Ludhiana

Our skin, the largest organ of our body, is the most exposed part. Our skin is exposed to sunlight, harsh chemicals, makeup products, weather, dust or pollution. Apart from that, there are visible signs of ageing too. Well, everyone will age eventually and nothing can stop it but we can age gracefully and AK clinics will help you in that.

AK Clinics is one of the best skin care clinics in Ludhiana and has the best skin care experts. We offer various skin care treatments which help in the rejuvenation of the skin.

Stop investing time in temporary hair removal methods and get hair free skin with permanent hair removal method at AK Clinics. Laser Hair Reduction is a method where a laser beam is used to target your hair follicles and destroy them with the heat energy.

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Cosmetic Treatments in Ludhiana

In addition to the cosmetology procedures and offering you the services of the best skin specialists in Ludhiana, we also bring to you a range of cosmetic surgeries:

A surgery to remove male breasts or man boobs, as they are commonly referred to as.
A procedure to increase the size of breasts
A procedure that allows us to remove cellulite and fat deposits from almost any part of the body, without invasive surgery
A procedure that allows you to reshape your nose or improve breathing
A procedure opted for by women who might have extremely large breasts, as this procedure will reduce the size
A procedure that allows you to reshape your eyelids to improve the structure of your face or improve vision
A procedure to remove white patches that might be apparent on various parts of your body

Technology Used At AK Clinics

Our clinic offers state of the art technology. We have ultra modern machines and equipment for skin care treatments. Our experts believe in continue learning and constantly looking for advances in technology so that they can provide better experience to their clients. At our clinic, we have;

Alma Q
Alma Q

This is one of the best and most modern machines, when it comes to permanent tattoo removal. The light of this machines works in such a manner that it removes the colour pigmentation of the tattoo, without damaging the surrounding skin cells and tissue.

Lumenis Duet Lightsheer
Lumenis Duet Lightsheer

The Lightsheer Duet by Lumenis is one of the most effective machines when it comes to permanent hair removal.Without using any gels or anaesthetics, the machines can easily remove hair from the entire back or both legs in less than 20 minutes.


Whether you want to address the fine lines on your face or you want your skin to look smoother and have a natural glow, then Ultracel is the way to go for you. This totally non-invasive procedure can give you the type of effect, you would imagine possible only with a surgical facelift.

Why Choose AK Clinics

Should you choose to come to AK Clinics, you can expect a transformational journey to regain your confidence and youthful appearance through our exceptional Hair and Skin care services.


At AK Clinics, we take pride in offering the most advanced and effective solutions for Hair & Skin Care, by employing ultra-modern techniques that ensure exceptional results.


Having the industry-leading 87% Graft Survival Ratio in our Hair Transplant Services underscores our commitment to delivering the highest level of success and satisfaction for our patients.


With the trust of over 100,000 patients and a track record of over 3,000 successful surgeries, Our Team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every hair transplant procedure, ensuring your utmost satisfaction and the best possible results.


AK Clinics takes pride in providing expert counseling for both hair and skin services, guided by our team of seasoned professionals, ensuring that your unique needs and concerns are addressed with the highest level of care and expertise.

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" staff including Dr. Kapil delivers utmost professional and knowledgeable service, extremely efficient processes, and were generous and kind. I could not have envisioned a more pleasurable experience for undergoing treatment or surgery in any facility as the AK Clinics."

Rajneesh Singh

AK Clinics in Ludhiana

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