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Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

Androgenetic alopecia has early presentation nowadays which results in rapid and advanced progression, leaving hair transplant as an only option to regain the good aesthetic density. But in lot of cases, where transplant is not an option and patient has visible scalp, the illusion of having good density can be created by various camouflage techniques.

The procedure is non-invasive and cost-effective. The results are immediate, realistic, and hassle-free. This method can restore even a completely bald head to look like a full head of well-groomed hair. It is suitable for all types and stages of hair-loss, on all ages, colours and skin type. However, a qualified dermatologist who is well versed with the procedure is a better judge to decide whether the procedure is needed or not.


What exactly is SMP?

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) also known as microtattooing is an advanced concealing technique with almost-permanent results in patients with scalp visibility and donor area insufficiency. It is an artistic procedure where the natural, non-toxic inks are used to create series of tiny dots over the scalp, in between the hairs or the bald area,to give look of tiny hairs.

Indications for SMP

Scalp micropigmentation is the best camouflage technique to reduce the contrast between the skin of the scalp and hair. The purpose is to cover up the areas of the scalp where the skin is prominently visible due to the baldness, thinning hair, scarring or any other form of alopecia so it can be used between the hair give it a dense look or on a bald area to create a shaven look. However, a qualified dermatologist who is well versed with the procedure is a better judge to decide whether the procedure is needed or not. It can be used in the following conditions

Androgenetic alopecia
  • Female pattern baldness, to minimise the see-through appearance in the hairline.
  • Higher grade of baldness where sufficient donor area is not there so surgery is not possible.
  • Patient already under gone multiple sessions of surgeries and now further surgery is not possible but still balding is present or not satisfied with the result or density.
  • Patient with diffuse thinning
  • Patient with contraindications for hair transplant surgery and doesn’t want to use hair patch.
  • Patient demanding non-surgical option.
  • Patients already undergone hair transplant surgery but wants more covering of scalp without undergoing another surgery
  • Patients who have had a strip surgery can also use it to conceal their wounds and scars.
Others Indications
  • Extensive Alopecia areata (alopecia total is or universalis)
  • Scarring alopecia and scarring from neurosurgical procedure, trauma and burns
  • Bald patient with severe liver or kidney disease or other serious immunological problem
  • Alopecia due to genetic problem in hair growth
  • In cases when the patient desires to restore facial hairs without undergoing surgery
  • To increase the density of existing hairs and make it fuller and coarser
  • Loss of beard hairs due to trauma or burns
  • Long standing alopecia areata which is not responding any medical treatments
  • Scarring alopecia due to folliculitis decalvans, dissecting cellulitis, DLE and other skin conditions
  • After cleft lip repair
Alopecia due to systemic disease

Alopecia due to systemic disease (e.g SLE or any other connective tissue disease) leading to diffuse thinning all over the scalp or use of cytotoxic drugs like in cancer patients or patient having condition where medical treatments fails to restore the hair and surgery is contraindicated.

Before, During & After SMP Treatment

Before The Procedure

  • After a detailed consultation and scalp assessment, a qualified dermatologist will decide if the procedure is indicated.
  • Certain medications like NSAIDs, aspirin, vitamin E etc. need to be stopped 10-14 days before the procedure. It is always better to provide proper medical history before undergoing such procedures.
  • One session may take upto 3-4 hours, so it is better to plan your procedure appointment accordingly.

During The Procedure

The main procedure is done by trained technicians or the surgeon himself depending on what the clinics offers. However, it is a minor, minimally invasive artistic procedure so even a skilled technician can perform it effectively under the guidance of the doctor.

  • Preparation of the patient: Unlike hair transplant, SMP is a minor procedure. Hair needs to be trimmed unless, the patient refuses for aesthetic reasons.
  • Local anaesthesia: SMP is done under local anaesthesia where only a small quantity is given around the treated area.
  • Scalp tattooing: During the procedure, a cartridge containing 1-3 needles working in symphony gently injects natural pigment very superficially into the skin.

Post-Procedure Care

  • Avoid bending the head and wear a headband for atleast 24 hours.
  • The doctor may prescribe some antibiotics and painkillers.
  • Apply antibiotic cream over the performed area for 2 days.
  • Avoid washing the treated area for 48 hours.
  • Retouch may be required after 1 month.
  • Patient may need to dye his hair black on continuous basis.

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How much will SMP cost?

The cost of the scalp micropigmentation procedure will be dependent on a few factors:

  • When there have been multiple transplant sessions, but the result is still nowhere near what was desired
  • When there is diffused thinning
  • When the patient does not want the surgical option
  • When the alopecia is extensive such as alopecia universalis or alopecia totalis
  • When the alopecia is caused by cancer treatment
  • When the patient has genetic alopecia

While no clinic will be able to give you a precise amount right at the beginning, most of the good clinics will give you a fair idea of how much it will cost. The final billing might vary by about 5-10%.

Advantages of SMP Treatment

SMP, or Scalp Micropigmentation, offers a transformative solution for individuals seeking the appearance of a full, youthful head of closely cropped hair. This innovative technique not only conceals the effects of alopecia but also acts as a permanent camouflage for scars from previous hair transplant surgeries, burns, birthmarks, and enhances the visual impact of a hair transplant, providing a seamless and natural-looking result.

Gives the look of a full, youthful head of cropped hair.
Restores hairline on part-bald or fully bald heads
Camouflage scarring resulting from previous hair transplant surgery
Hides scars, burns and birthmarks

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