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Bollywood & Hollywood Celebrity who have had Cosmetic Surgery

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Celebrities, whether from Hollywood or India, are often people who dictate what a particular generation will look like. So, if actors and sports stars are sporting stubbles, you will suddenly notice a lot of young men, all around sporting stubbles too. If a certain actress has been seen with fuller lips, there are a lot of women, who will want the same. What a lot of people do not realise is that these perfect celebrities are often born with imperfections and many of them actually require help from a cosmetic surgeon to look the way they do now.

It might come as a surprise but there are plenty of celebrities, who owe their ‘stunning good looks’, to some assistance. What might come as a greater surprise would be the fact that cosmetic surgery is not just for women; there are several male celebrities who have undergone procedures to look better.

What exactly is cosmetic surgery?

Technically speaking, cosmetic surgery is any surgery that is not essential for good health and is often undertaken with the sole intention of looking better. Cosmetic surgery is a large umbrella and underneath the same, there are plenty of procedures which cover various parts of the body. From rhinoplasty to lip fillers, from breast augmentation to tummy tucks, from butt implants to liposuction, there are several procedures that fall under the category of cosmetic surgery.

Here are some celebrities who have undergone cosmetic surgeries:

  • Celine Dion – When Celine sang ‘My heart will go on’, most of us felt romance in our own lives, and the owner of the ethereal voice needed to some help to look the same way too. Reports say that she has had much work done on her chin and her nose, but her surgeons are really good, because her final look has been incredibly natural.

Celine-Dion Plastic Surgery

  • Heidi Montag – Heidi is a reality television star who has been most recognised for her work in the series, The Hill. For someone who looked really nice and normal, Heidi now looks like a plastic doll, because of the extensive amount of work, she has had done on herself.

Heidi Montag plasctic surgery

  • Darryl Hannah – Once a part of several super hit movies, Darryl tried to use the surgical way to remain young; but unfortunately for her, it has not worked that way.


  • Madonna – This is a singer who has been around for a long time and quite obviously age started to catch up. In order to maintain her charisma, Madonna has undergone several procedures, especially on her face. However, the verdict on the results are quite divided.

Madonna Plastic surgery

  • Meg Ryan – Meg was always someone who was seen as the sweet girl next door and people fell in love with her, for her impish charm. Even today, she is trying to maintain that same look, with the help of plastic surgery.

meg-ryan plastic surgery

  • Melanie Griffith – Yet another actress with a certain elfin charm, Melanie was at the peak of her game during the late 80s and early 90s. However, when she chose cosmetic surgery to maintain her charm, things took a turn for the worse.

• Melanie Griffith

  • Kate Bosworth – The young lady who cruised the waves in the movie Blue Crush seems to have lost all her freckles. While the weight loss could have been with a carefully planned diet and exercise, the bone structure around the cheekbones and nose also seemed to have changed.

Kate-Bosworth cosmetic surgery

  • Emily Blunt – Most people will remember her from her snooty character from The Devil Wears Prada, but of late the lady has been receiving several plum roles. In order to be prepared for such roles, it seems like she has undergone a chin implant, a nose job and has also gotten some work done on her lips.

Emily Blunt plastic surgery

  • Jennifer Aniston – Almost all of us have loved Jen play Rachel Green in the cult series, Friends, but most of us might not be aware that she has also had cosmetic surgery. If you look at her earlier pictures, it is easy to see that she has had a nose job.

Jennifer-Aniston plastic surgery photos

  • Mickey Rourke – Once a truly good looking man, there are many who consider Mickey almost scary looking today and much of that can be attributed to the amount of cosmetic surgery he has had. From skin tightening to a reconstructed nose, from hair extensions to rejuvenated cheekbones, there is much that he has had done.


  • Sylvester Stallone – Think action stars and his is one name that will pop up in your mind almost immediately. In his youth, this man was truly the Italian stallion and a really good looking man. However, of late, the plastic surgeries are becoming obvious and while his body could still be the result of hours at the gym, the face is definitely because of hours at the surgeon’s!

Sylvester Stallone celeb photos

  • Jean Claude Van Damme – Yet another action figure who succumbed to the call of the world of plastic surgery was Van Damme, but unfortunately for him, things have not worked out for the best. His facelift and surgery for eyelid, did not go as planned, leaving the results very obvious.


  • Dwayne Johnson – After leaving the world of professional wrestling, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, went on to become one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. What is interesting to note is that with him, the cosmetic surgeries were more health related, because his first surgery was for gynecomastia, where he had male breasts. His next step was to have all the excess fat removed and he chose to get the same done via liposuction.

Dwayne-Johnson cosmetic surgery pics

  • Simon Cowell – We know him best for his clear British accent and his constantly bored expression at several reality shows, however, he is also one of the richest men in the entertainment business. Juggling numerous roles including producer, talent scout and judge, the effects started showing on his body, particularly face. His Botox injections have been much publicised as have his recent skin tightening procedures.

simon-cowell surgery before and after

  • George Clooney – This would perhaps be the biggest surprise in the list, because all over the world, women have gone weak at the knees, just at a glimpse of this man. In the past, this man has gone to great lengths to talk about how plastic surgery is not for men, but it seems that he himself has undergone an eyelid surgery. With age catching, chances are that he might change his stance on the same, quite soon.

George Clooney surgery pics

Coming closer home, here are some of the Indian celebrities who have gone under the knife: 

  • Shilpa Shetty – She is someone who could easily be crowned the queen of plastic surgery in Bollywood. From a nose job to breast and butt implants, there is little that ‘stunner’ has not had. 

Shilpa-Shetty plastic surgery

  • Rakhi Sawant – When Rakhi entered the Bollywood world, she was a good looking girl, but success had a different definition for her, because she underwent so many surgeries, that she soon started looking like a completely different person. She went on record to say that a doctor can give you, what god hasn’t! 

rakhi-sawant plastic surgery pics

  • Katrina Kaif – Her looks have captivated hearts all over the world, but not all of her is natural. Given that she has not spoken openly about her surgeries, there is an iota of doubt, but a simple photographic comparison would show that she has had a nose job as well as fillers in her lips. 

katrina kaif before and after surgery pics

  • Bipasha Basu – Anyone who looks at the before and after pictures of Bipasha Basu will be able to see that she has some work done on her bust line, because it has increased quite dramatically. There was actually much talk about how her plastic surgeon tried to sue her for the job done by him. 

Bipasha-Basu surgery before and after photos

  • Priyanka Chopra – A superstar in India and a rising star in Hollywood, Priyanka had gotten a nose job done a long time back, but it also seemed that she had undergone a few skin lightening treatments. 

Priyanka-Chopra pics

  • Anushka Sharma – When Anushka debuted opposite Shahrukh Khan, she was appreciated for her fresh face and natural good looks. Of late, people are talking more about her fuller lips, which seem quite obviously because of fillers.

Anushka Sharma lips surgery pics

  • Shruti Hassan – Born into one of the most talented families in the entertainment industry, Shruti is one of the few people who has admitted to having had a nose job, however, hers was a good decision, because she went from looking good to looking great!

Shruti-Hassan before and after surgery pics plastic surgery

  • Sreedevi – When you look at some of the earlier works of Sreedevi, you can see her in her natural beauty. However, in the more recent pictures, you can see that not only have her nose and cheekbones changed, but also her bust line.

Sridevi plastic surgery

  • Hema Malini – The once dream girl is now a member of the Indian Parliament, but nothing has stopped her from maintaining her looks. Although she has not spoken out about it, but it seems that she has been getting Botox injections and dermal fillers.

hema-malini pics

  • Aamir Khan – This would probably be the biggest surprise of the lot, because not a lot of people would think that Mr. Perfectionist would be someone who would go under the knife. But one look at how he looked in Fanaa and then a few years later in 3 Idiots will be proof enough.

Though, the celebrities are using these surgeries, but one should love the way they are. You can start day care ore night care routine to make your skin look healthy and nourished. Use best coupon site in India to get additional discount on skin care products.

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