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Did You Hear It….Dandruff Leads To Hair Fall?

AK Clinics | February, 28 2014 | 0 Comments

It is quite common to see tresses shedding while taking bath or combing hair. Seeing them float over the drain makes one conscious enough. Well, the reasons responsible for hair fall may vary. For some it might be poor hair texture or damaged follicles, while for others it could be dandruff. Yes, you hear it right, dandruff?

How To Know You Have Dandruff?

Are you one of those who have itchy scalp? Do you often see white flakes falling over your shoulders and afraid to wear dark t-shirts? If yes, you are definitely a victim of dandruff. Not to worry, dandruff is not even that dangerous and is treatable as well. Dandruff, which is often referred to as seborrhoea dermatitis is a scalp condition that is categorized by tiny scraps of dry skin over the scalp.


Link Between Dandruff & Hair Fall 

While it can be inconvenient enough, so far there is no evidence that justifies dandruff being responsible for hair loss. However, we will still emphasise that dandruff could lead to hair fall. This is because immense dryness over scalp causes itchiness and this eventually leads to scratching of scalp. This results in dandruff that is more visible and eventually weakens hair follicles. Weakening of hair follicles makes our hair prone to breakage and causes visible hair loss.

Hence, to stop your hair from withering, it is essential to control the level of dandruff over scalp. Shampooing daily with dandruff controlling shampoos can keep a check over the situation. By shampooing, we here refer not only the tresses but also your scalp. Gently massaging scalp in the shower will enhance circulation and regulate hair growth. Try looking for shampoos with ingredients like Zinc pyrithione, Salicylic acid and sulphur and Ketoconazole. In case, problem persists, one could always seek for help from dermatologists

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