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Hair care: How nature can help you

AK Clinics | August, 20 2013 | 0 Comments

A yummy breakfast with wholesome honey, protein-boosting eggs and system-cleansing yoghurt is also a delicious treat for your hair!  Since time immemorial, eggs are known for their moisturizing and conditioning properties and used along with the traditional henna. Equally famous anti-dandruff diet for the hair is good old lemon juice; just a few drops will do.  And if you plan to raid your kitchen, go the whole hog!  Why leave out the oils to languish on the shelves? Opt for olive oil, given the enviable title of ‘godmother of hair oils’ to fight the flakes, avocado oil to temper unruly hair or the lavishly-laden-with-Vitamins-D-and-E wonder-drops almonds to control hair fall. Then there’s saffola oil known for its prowess to make hair thick by stimulating blood circulation when massaged in the scalp while rosemary oil stops greying and adds that much-needed luster to your locks. Coconut oil like almond oil is akin to ambrosia for hair. It is most commonly used in South Indian households for serpentine tresses and the smelly castor oil has also earned fame for itself by doing its bit and that’s quite a significant bit: preventing scalp infections and reducing split ends.

There are many such kitchen remedies with handy ingredients. Simply open the fridge and guzzle some frothy -oops, we mean make your hair guzzle some beer! A beer rinse a fortnight for that catwalk shine and some nice bonding with individual hairs. Now, who wouldn’t like this kind of therapy? Another rinse to try is one part vinegar mixed with three parts water. Spray this and you’ll eliminate that dirt dump created by your expensive shampoo which made your mane so pathetic in the first place. And while the fridge is still open, bring out the mayonnaise too. Lay it out really thick especially on the cursed split-ends, not your scalp.

Now how about some dessert for your beauties? Fruit salad, it has to be. Or will your braids prefer to sip some juice? Cucumber, peaches, watermelon…you get the drift, don’t you?

However, if severe and stubborn dandruff cripples your lifestyle or you are unable to combat hair fall on a war footing, perhaps it’s time to turn to experts for professional help.  Consult world-renowned dermatologists and trichologists, panel of surgeons and team of specialists at A K Clinics for queries or consultations ranging from thinning hair to baldness, hair transplants to hair reconstruction. awaits you.

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