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Home Tips to maintain healthy black hair

AK Clinics | June, 15 2012 | 0 Comments

A true lasting beauty of a person means beauty from top to toe. Healthy hair is the main asset of an individual. It also makes you look younger, healthier and more attractive to others. Everyone tries to have healthy and promote the growth of full, lustrous hair. We suggest you home remedies and tips for healthy hair, diet, vitamin and food for healthy black hair growth for men and women. Here are the few tips which will help you to maintain your hair without using the harsh chemicals:


Try to keep the roots strong.

If you really want that your crowning glory should always be admired then it is better to start from the basics. Roots play an important role in the growth.The stronger the roots, the better will be the health of your hair. To have sturdy roots, you must take balanced and nutritious diet like fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables & lean meats. Take good amount of dairy products such as milk and fresh yogurt. Fresh coconut is also considered excellent food – sprinkle grated coconut over salads, diced fresh fruit, or rice. Drink plenty of water in a day. That will help to flush out toxins out of your system. The vitamins H, B, C and E are essential for healthy and strong hair. Sometimes we don’t get proper vitamins and minerals from our food sources in that case you can take supplement based on your doctor’s advice. It will make a huge difference to the way your hair looks!


Massage your scalp for arousing blood circulation

It is very essential that you have healthy scalp too. Warm oil scalp massage, two or three times a week will help stimulate and moisturize the scalp. Massaging your scalp helps to increase the blood circulation flow and will distribute the hair oils and sebum also equally. For scalp massage you can use olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil because these oils are helpful. Always use wooden combs as they are wider and produce less static electricity on your hair. Never comb wet with a brush, no matter how rushed for time you are. Tangles in wet hair are best removed with a wide-toothed comb when they are are dry. Make sure you do regular brushing. This will not only improve the blood circulation to the scalp but also make them look better.

Limited use of chemicals and Hot Appliances

Never ever use excess of harsh chemical topical products that can damage hair over time. Always wash two to three times a week. Apply mild and natural shampoos, cleansers and conditioners. Shampoos and conditioners that include nourishing botanicals are even healthier. As you grow, your hair will also age with you because of pollution around you and sun exposure too. Then you need to use those products that can tackle this damage. Try to use more of natural products which can nourish your hair. Stay away from the use of hot irons, blow dryers and strong chemicals. Excess of styling can damage your hair and can hamper the growth too. Stress can be the major reason for the hair fall. Having a sound sleep, practicing relaxation techniques and meditation can help to overcome stress. Get adequate, good quality sleep to help the natural process of rejuvenation. Keep in mind, the most beautiful hair constantly comes from going natural and now you know just how to go about it! Your hair can certainly be your crowning glory if you take care of it exactly!

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