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I am not even in my 30s and I am losing hair.

AK Clinics | March, 5 2016 | 0 Comments

Que: I am a 29 year old female and I first started noticing the thinning of hair, two years back. I have met innumerable doctors and all of them have told me that my condition is genetic. What is interesting is that no one in my family has any problems with hair. Then I started reading up on this online and found out that my diet does not enough fresh fruits and vegetables. I almost always have my hair tied up in ponytails or buns and I have also dyed my hair several times. Can you please help me?

Ans: In women, hair loss could be genetic as well as non-genetic and one of the most common causes happens to be telogen effluvium. This could be due to an improper diet, low levels of iron, thyroid related problems and even hormonal imbalances. Stress and improper hair care methods could also lead to hair fall and thinning. In order to determine what is causing your hair loss, you would have to meet a doctor who will conduct a range of tests and checks, and then give you a proper diagnosis.

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