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8 Tips to Fight Dry Skin this Winter

AK Clinics | December, 15 2017 | 0 Comments

Winter is often allied with the falling snow flakes, children sledding down the snow roofed hills, crackling fireplaces and rich hot fudge chocolate but winters are also the reason for our dry skin. As winter approaches, our battle for luminous skin begins. We look for the beauty tips for dry skin as cold winter air holds the less moisture and skin needs a little extra care during this time. Naturally dry air and indoor heating literally bakes the moisture from the skin resulting in the dry, aggravated skin, cracked/chapped lips and blotchy red patches.

The normal fine lines on the skin during winters become more prominent; skin feels rough to touch and appears dull and flaky. Not only on the face, dry skin can also occur on arms, legs and trunk of the body too. Dermatologist often referred this dry skin condition as “xerosis” or “asteatosis”. Luckily, you can now battle the sensitive skin this winter with the preventive and ongoing treatment that includes the numerous key rudiments. Make a good prevention plan and face the cold weather and dry air in winter. Here are the top 8 tips to fight dry skin this winter.


In winters, there is a reduced intake of water which often leads to the de-hydration. To maintain the moisture and healthy skin, it is important that your body should have the proper nourishment and hydration. Drink the plenty of water. It is considered as the best remedy for dry skin. You can add more citrus fruits to your diet to avoid the dehydration. Excess use of caffeine can also dry out the moisture and deprive your body of essential nutrients.

Skip the Scorching Showers

After spending time in the frigid air, heavy workout, or fatigue, you might want to hop straight into the super-warm shower and it feels great too. But you have to limit this. Long hot showers can strip away the moisture, lipids from the skin’s outer layer of the skin. Take the short showers of lukewarm water. Use gentle or mild soap or body wash. Do not rub your skin with towel. Pat dry your skin.

Moisturize immediately

Apply the moisturizer on your body after getting shower as faster as you can to seal the moisture within the body. You need to update your collection with the products that not only moisturize your skin but also help in healing and give skin repair benefits. Re-apply moisturizer after every 2 hours. Moisturizers with natural oils or butters are the best for dry skin as along with the moisturization, they exhibit the skin damage healing properties. There are different natural butters for dry skin treatment which can hydrate or moisturize your skin thoroughly.

Switch your cleanser

It is important to switch your cleanser during the winters. Choose a beauty cleanser for dry skin or a cream based cleanser instead of the gel or lotion. Gel based cleanser contains alcohol, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid which leads to the dehydration of the skin. Try to look for the products which contain oil or natural butter for skin moisturization during the winter. The cream based or natural oil based lotions are best lotion for dry skin.


Exfoliating in winter is actually quite contrary as skin is already dry but it is the only way to get rid of dead skin cells. So it is important to exfoliate or deep cleanse with best lotion for dry skin. Exfoliation leads to removal of dead cells and further allows the skin benefits of repairing, healing and hydrating properly. There are moisturizers with the exfoliating properties for dry skin.

Eat healthier

Along with the proper skin care, it is important to eat healthy too. Your good eating habit can also protect the skin from dryness and promotes the smooth and glowing skin. Essential fatty acids or omega 3 fatty acids help in maintaining the healthy skin. There are vitamins for dry skin too that help to make skin glowing and healthy. Vitamins boost the collagen production in skin and gives plumper and healthier skin. Try to add vitamin A and vitamin E rich foods in your diet.


SPF is sun protecting factor. You might want to skip applying sunscreen during winters but do you know that ultraviolet rays are still present even if there is cold or sky is covered with the clouds. Therefore, the protection of skin from harmful rays is important. Choose a sunscreen with the nourishing, hydrating with protecting properties to avoid dry skin in winter.

Cover up

It is important to preserve outer skin layers when you are going out. Do not expose your skin to cold temperatures as exposed skin is easily dehydrated by the cold wind. Cover yourself properly to prevent skin irritation, eczema flares while going out.

Winter care DIYs for dry skin
This winter, treat your skin with the natural ingredients for dry skin. These are the best treatment for dry skin on face, hand and feet.

Oil Therapy

When temperature falls, just massage your body with the essential body oil immediately after the shower. Body oils are good at preventing moisture, tighten the skin and even reduce the stretch marks. Oils contain fatty acids which are essential for skin nourishment and provide the protective barrier to outer layer of skin. You can use lavender oil, olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil for dry skin in winters.


Glycerin is perfect for dry skin and chapped lips. It act as amazing humectant and emollient that locks in the skin’s moisture. It will give you a soft and supple skin. You can mix rose water with the glycerin and apply it on the face with cotton ball.


Oatmeal is one of the best dry skin remedies. It has the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Oatmeal help you deal with the dry skin due to its moisturizing properties and also heal the dry patches and visible cracks on skin. You can take an oat meal bath or you can use oat meal face scrub by adding milk and honey too.

Egg Yolk

It is the most common ingredient found in our kitchen. Egg yolk is beneficial for skin; it helps in soft, smooth skin. Just take an egg yolk and whisk it properly. You can add olive oil in it too. Apply a layer of this mixture on your face and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Wash with luke warm water. Egg yolk provides the nourishment to the skin and best natural treatment to get rid of dry skin in winter.

Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle. So commit yourself today and get a beautiful, soft and glowing skin throughout the winters.

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