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Why surgeons recommend FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Part 1..

AK Clinics | October, 8 2013 | 0 Comments

Surgeons over the world claim it is the ultimate technology redefining hair restoration.  Is it FUE? Or is it another technique which utilizes precision robotics and digital mapping to convert areas of thinning hair into those of lush growth.  The doctor digitally scans the scalp, uses areas where hair is growing, removes it with the help of an advanced method that combines images and robotics and transplants the hair in the problem area.  The implanted grafts then continue to grow just like any other normal, permanent hair.  While patients can return within a day or two to their routine, it would take as little as a week for both areas (from where hair is taken and where it is transplanted) to look the same as before the treatment.  Another nine months and the patient can begin to experience natural-looking hair.  So is this wonder treatment preferred over FUE, which also boasts of of equally quick recovery?  Or are they both the same thing?


FUE transplants use the NeoGraft machine which eliminates the painful invasive technique of hair transplants characterized by the traditional STRIP method, in which a strip of the scalp is surgically cut. Another advantage of the NeoGraft is that it harvests high quality follicles and therefore yields a low transaction rate.  NeoGraft also involves fewer FUE Procedures Surgeons also recommend FUE to cover up linear scars which are a result of STRIP procedure.

For those undergoing unwanted stress due to baldness, it is advisable to consult experienced and knowledgeable specialists for sound advice. Veterans at A K Clinics have helped and guided many people through detailed and specific consultations as to which course of action would be the right one to follow. All our centres whether based at Mumbai, Ludhiana or Delhi provide this high level of expertise. This piece continues…

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