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2600 Grafts Female Hair Transplant Surgery Result after 1 Year

AK Clinics | February, 6 2017 | 0 Comments

Highlights – 35  Year Old Female Patient From Khanna (India)
Total Grafts – 2600
Technique – BIO-FUE
Result After 1 year

A 35 yrs old female presented with the complaint of cicatricial alopecia (also known as scarring alopecia) for more than 5 years with disease became inactive for more than 2 years.
She had tried many medicine being from various clinics over a period of many months without regrowth of hair as she had cicatricial alopecia (in which affected part developing scarring and all hair roots/follicle in affected part becomes dead). So, finally she decided to visit out clinic to check the possibility of hair transplant. On examination of affected area there was complete loss of hair. We decided to give her trial of small number of graft to see the output as in scarring alopecia transplanted may fails to grow properly. we did transplantation of 100 grafts by our innovative Bio-FUE method in small area and waited to see the result for nearly one year. When we found encouraging results we decided to transplant with less density in second session as in the scar the vascularity is less and that can adversly affect the survival of large number of grafts and we gave her 1000 grafts by Bio-FUE method. Even the result were very good after one year and we could see the confidence on the face of that female. Then she decided to go with one more session of surgery to increase the density and in 3rd sesssion we gave her 1500 grafts by Bio-FUE. The surgery was uneventful and the patient was discharged in a satisfactory condition. We are hereby presenting her pictures 1 year after the 3rd surgery. The patient is very happy, ecstatic and satisfied.

Pre Op Images 

Pre Op (1)

Pre Op (2)

Imm Post Op Images

Imm Post Op (1)

Imm Post Op (2)

Final Session Result Images

Final Result (1)

Final Result (2)

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