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| May, 16 2022 | 0 Comments

Carcinoma Survivor Beard Transplant Surgery – 2400 Grafts

Patient Review Patient’s Name: Mr. Kulwant Singh Patient’s Age: 45 Patient’s Gender: Male Symptoms Loss of hair in part of the face due to surgery Case Presentation Mr. Kulwant came to the AK Clinics Ludhiana branch with the concern of loss of hair in part of his beard due to a flap graft surgery he […]

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| May, 1 2019 | 0 Comments

Bio FUE™ Hair Transplant Surgery of a Japanese Patient – 2000 Grafts

50 year male patient of Japanese origin came to AK clinics for FUE surgery. He met the chief surgeon Dr Kapil Dua. Dr dua taken the detailed history of patient and came to know patient is chronic alcoholic and taken drug minoxidil and proscar. Dr Dua assured him and educated him about the hair transplant procedure […]

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| March, 18 2017 | 0 Comments

FUE in Curly Hair Patient with First Surgery as Strip Method

A patient from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia had undergone FUT surgery 7 years ago and had good results. He wanted more area to be covered and this time he wanted it to be done with FUE technique only. As he had curly hairs, we performed the Fox Test before doing FUE surgery on him. We took […]

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| January, 16 2017 | 0 Comments

Hair Transplantation in Scarring Beard Face cause by ACNE

This case study is a part of the education endeavor of AK clinics in which we have earlier also shared some cases and will discuss further as well. This particular case study is about Mr. Singh, 29 years old male who was diagnosed with severe scarring on face in beard due to recurrent nodulocystic acne […]

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| August, 12 2016 | 0 Comments

Hair Transplant in Egyptian Patients – A Case Report

FUE in Egyptian There is a wide variety of various characteristics of hair in different parts of world among different races. Here we would like todiscuss various points to be taken into consideration while taking up a case of hair transplant by FUE technique in an Egyptian patient. Case report A 33 years old Egyptian […]

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| April, 25 2016 | 0 Comments

Case Report of Chinese Patient

Introduction  People of different ethnicities have a lot of variation in their scalp and hair characteristics which need to be taken into consideration while taking up a case of hair transplant. We describe the salient features of the hair characteristics along with modification of the technique of  hair transplant in a Chinese patient. Case Report […]

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