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AK Clinics – Hair Transplant in Caucasian descent males and females

AK Clinics | June, 13 2013 | 0 Comments

At AK Clinics we often operate upon people from Europe, America & Australia who are of Caucasian descent. Though the basic principles of Hair Transplant always remain same but definitely there are few things that always change with the ethnicity.

Q. What are the main points that you take into account at the time of operating upon people of Caucasian descent? In what way is it different compared to Asians or African descents?

A. The Asian hair transplant surgeons operating upon Caucasian patients should keep the following points inmind at the time of performing surgery


    • The hair density is more in Caucasians, as compared to Asian or African descent people.

  • The hair caliber and the length of the hair shaft is less(around 4.5 mm).
  • The percentage of 3 haired follicular units is also more, (around 50%) as compared to maximum 2 haired units in Asians.
  • The contrast with the underlying skin is also less. Therefore, the coverage with the same number of grafts is more in these type of patients. Further FUE can sometimes have a higher transection rate as high as 20-30%. Different hair types lend themselves to this; particularly coarse, curly wiry hair&real point is hair visibility.

Q. Difference in the hairline design?

A.       The skull shape in Caucasians is ovoid. This means that head is long from front to back relative to its width from left to right; as a result of which we have  a hairline with deeper front to temporal angles.

Q. Difference in density in various races?

A. The density in Caucasians is around 100FU/cm2 as compared to around 60 FU/cm2 in Africans and 80-90FU/cm2 in Asians.

Q. How are the results at AK Clinics of these type of patients?

A.       The results are very-very good. We regularly extract around 2800-3000 grafts in these patients as compared to around 2200-2500 for Asians. Therefore, the coverage is better and hence the results. Depending on the requirement of grafts we’ve seen great results with FUE, FUT or a combination method. Another important aspect is the experience of the surgeons; if doctor is not experienced in Caucasians thena fox test is recommended before attempting this transplant. Dr Aman Dua & DrKapil Dua being among the first few surgeons to bring FUE to India are highly experienced in these patients.

AK Clinics

AK Clinics

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