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Are bald men striked off or strikingly beautiful?(Part 1 of 2)

AK Clinics | January, 6 2014 | 0 Comments

A generation of men have grown up on ordinary and the not-so-ordinary , occasional mousse, gel and wax and have taken their thinning hair in their stride.  While Britain’s 7.4 million bald and balding men grapple with a loss in their crowning glory and subsequently in their self-esteem, quite a fewmen baldness among them are bold enough to be comfortable in their skin without their hair bearing testimony to their handsomeness! In fact, what was just a decade ago scorned at, the bald and completely shaven look is now hailed as a turn or and extremely attractive to women who feel that loss of locks does not necessarily translate into a downslide in virility. On the contrary, it’s the new symbol of the New Age macho man who realizes that it surely adds to their cool quotient; doesn’t take away from it. In fact, there’s more good news for those who do not have much of a mane – 30 year olds are more likely to attract women than those blessed with an abundant crop; as older women find it sexually attractive!

 However, despite this rosy picture many men especially the younger ones cannot come to terms with hairfall or baldness and continue like in the past to battle it out with caps, brushing their fringe slightly more to the front, growing sidelocks or beard to distract, donning a wig, or having a crew cut.  This could be because over the years cultures have favoured hair growth as a sign of vitality and good health; while shunning those who cower in the shadows due to alopecia.  AS hair loss tends to make the person look older, men attribute their waning or receding hairline as a sign of reduced desirability.  Tell us, do you believe in this equation:

 Hair loss or baldness = looking old = being a social outcast

 If yes, how will you take action to rectify your situation and better it? Will you recommend a close friend to take medical help from established and well-known surgeons, like the ones who head A K Clinics?

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