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Are bald men striked off or strikingly beautiful?(Part 2 of 2)

AK Clinics | January, 7 2014 | 0 Comments

For those who find hair loss to be a difficult or a socially hostile situation, even simple styling of hair poses challenges and can prove frustrating.  More severe the hair loss, more the stress and fretting leading to more hair fall, it’s like a vicious cycle.  It’s difficult to say whether people suffering from baldness are perceived by others negatively or they themselves feel devalued.  Their behavior then automatically begins to reflect their sense of self worthlessness.  It is vital for men not to feel overwhelmed because if they do not show their lack of self-confidence then they are better able to cope with their baldness and be accepted by society at large. However, studies have shown that 60% of bald men have reported that they have been teased or ridiculed and hence the desperation to either hide the problem or prevent it from getting worse.  Depression is another outcome of perceiving that baldness is unacceptable or that it is something to be ashamed of.  This type of anxiety-causing outlook is harmful for overall health as the person may go into a shell and lose the zest for life.

 All this can be revamped with a little bit of clear and straight-thinking.  Sometimes thinning hair can be checked with certain medical supplements.  Other times, the cause of stress needs to be diagnosed and eliminated. Looking at the sunny side, bald men are considered to be intelligent so they need not work themselves into a tizzy trying to prove they are on par with their peers or be jealous of their social success.  Another alternative is to seek counseling from professionals who will guide you to take corrective action towards finding hairloss solutions.  For instance, globally renowned surgeons at A K Clinics, Dr Aman and Dr Kapil Dua head a dynamic team of medical professionals who can ably assist you in your journey towards a new you.  Directing you towards FUE, STRIP or mesotherapy, theses experts will empower you to lead a fuller life based on what will be the optimal technique for your needs.  So you can be rest assured that you are not misled by tall claims, false promises or exaggerated, vague explanations about how each technique works.  Check out or visit Mumbai, Delhi and Ludhiana centers for an appointment that can change your life.

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