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Ariel winter proudly flaunts her experience of Breast Reduction Surgery

AK Clinics | March, 15 2016 | 0 Comments

If you have ever seen the hit television sitcom, there is no way you would not have noticed Ariel Winter. In case that name seems unfamiliar, think about the second daughter of Phil and Claire Dunphy, the super intelligent and often a little nerdy, Alex Dunphy. While on screen, Ariel might have played the geek, especially in comparison to her fashion conscious, good looking on-screen sister, in real life, she is quite the stunner and someone who is extremely conscious about how she looks.

It was perhaps in keeping with that consciousness that she opted to have her breasts reduced, as opposed to several actresses, who are choosing to go up the size ladder. For a long time, Ariel struggled with breasts that were extremely large. Like most women, who struggle with extremely large breasts, there were plenty of things bothering Ariel too. For instance, she always had a tough time finding clothes that were flattering to her body type.

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In a recent interview that she gave, she spoke about how she would go out shopping with friends, and then spend several minutes crying in the dressing room, because she was never able to find anything that looked good on her. While her friends would be trying on bikinis and short crop tops, Ariel knew that she had to steer clear of them, because her already large breasts would look all the more obvious in them.

Even though her show was doing really well and was winning awards, left, right and centre, her own personal life was in shambles, simply because she was not happy with the way she looked. There were actually several negative tweets and comments on social media, about Ariel and her large breasts, but she insists that none of those influenced Ariel’s decision to undergo breast reduction surgery. She is quite confident in saying that her decision to undergo the surgery, was all her own. Ariel also went on to talk about how she was not unhappy with her size, but it did affect her psychologically and how her large breasts were always on her mind. In fact, it was the discomfort that bothered her the most.

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Today, after having undergone a breast reduction surgery, things are really looking up for this stunning young lady. After her surgery, Ariel opened about the same and talked at length about how her back and shoulders no longer hurt. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that women with extremely large breasts are more prone to back aches, posture related issues, swelling in legs and even weakened spinal cords. Then there are other issues, such as clothes not fitting properly, bra straps cutting into the skin and infection as well as rashes in the area right below the breasts.

Ariel has been busy shopping to her heart’s content after her breast reduction surgery, because now her figure is one that she is proud of. She spoke about how now when she goes out shopping with her friends, she loves it and is able to pick out several clothes for herself. As a matter of fact, her recent appearances on the red carpet have shown how confident she is in her new look. She was beaming when she spoke about how finally, she feels right!

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