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Carcinoma Survivor Beard Transplant Surgery – 2400 Grafts

AK Clinics | May, 16 2022 | 0 Comments

Patient Review

  • Patient’s Name: Mr. Kulwant Singh
  • Patient’s Age: 45
  • Patient’s Gender: Male


  • Loss of hair in part of the face due to surgery

Case Presentation

Mr. Kulwant came to the AK Clinics Ludhiana branch with the concern of loss of hair in part of his beard due to a flap graft surgery he had undergone. He was a carcinoma survivor and had gotten a surgery done to get it removed. Our chief consultant at AK Clinics, Dr. Aman Dua consulted Mr. Kulwant regarding his concerns and after weighing the pros and cons, concluded that the best course of action is to reconstruct his beard with FUE beard transplant. Since Mr. Kulwant’s case was a complicated one, Dr. Aman made sure he knew all the complications that may arrive and explained him the process of beard transplant so he could have a realistic approach towards the results.

Mr. Kulwant had little-to-no hair on the left side of his face due the surgery he underwent. We performed a FUE beard Transplant on him on 31st May 2021, performed by Dr. Aman Dua. Beard Re-construction or Beard Transplant is performed on people with little to know facial hair, have lost hair due to a surgery, or someone who wishes to re-construct their beard. The only condition for a beard transplant is that the patient should have a healthy donor area.

The surgery was performed by Dr. Aman Dua, who has performed over 3000+ surgeries and is one of the leading hair transplant surgeon in our country. Before undergoing the surgery, we made sure Mr. Kulwant knew everything about the type of surgery and helped him envision a realistic expectation of result from it.

During the surgery, Dr. Aman Dua harvested 2400 grafts from the scalp’s donor area and transplanted them to the recipient areas.


FUE Beard Transplant

Physical Examination & Tests

Routine Blood Tests (CBC, HCV, Bleeding time, clotting time, PT, APTT, Random blood sugar, HBs AG, HIV ELISA, ECG(EKG))


Mr. Kulwant was advised to stay away from the sun and take a good amount of rest and care post-surgery since the post-op care help yield better results. Our Hair Transplant expert, Dr. Aman Dua helped Mr. Kulwant in understanding the Dos and Don’ts post beard transplant. Since this was a special case, extra care was needed to yield good results and proper follow-ups for the doctor to examine the results. Mr. Kulwant was advised to sleep in an upright position at least for a couple of nights post-surgery. He was also advised not to wash his face for 24-hours after the surgery and to strictly follow the instructions given by the surgeon.

We asked Mr. Kulwant to attend all the postoperative appointments with Dr. Aman Dua so she could closely monitor the results and help in the process of growth. Mr. Kulwant was given specific post-operative instructions along with some medication by Dr. Aman Dua, to help yield better growth.


“I had an amazing experience with AK Clinics and Dr. Aman Dua. I was a carcinoma survivor and had lost my beard due to the surgery I had undergone. I thought I could never have a full beard again but Dr. Aman made it possible.

She guided me through every step and made sure I had good results even though my case was a complicated one. She truly is the best surgeon in country and I thank her forever for transforming by life and giving me a new look.”

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