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BGT Winner Undergoes Hair Transplant

AK Clinics | May, 8 2017 | 0 Comments

When he was just in his teens, George Sampson reached the pinnacle of fame, because he had captured the attention of the entire nation with his talent. When he won Britain’s Got Talent, he showed the world that a dance form that involved spinning on your head, can be quite lucrative and could bring you immense fame. However, the one thing that brought him fame also brought with it a problem that would eventually become so severe that he would have no option but surgery to repair it.

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Spinning on his head all the time, lead to severe hair loss for young Sampson, and it recently reached a stage where the only way out seemed a hair transplant. When he first went to a renowned hair clinic in Skipton, North Yorks, he was told that because of his head spinning, his hair had faced a lot of friction and pressure and it was these two factors that were the main causal agents of his hair loss.

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George Sampson spoke openly about his hair loss and mentioned that his hair loss had been caused by three things. While the major cause might have been his head spinning, there are also other factors to be blamed, including genetics and alopecia, which he feels could have been caused by stress, both physical and emotional.

Given that he is constantly in media limelight, George Sampson was quick to realise that he would have to take care of his appearance and take the necessary steps to look his best. In addition, he and his girlfriend were spending immense amounts of time trying to cover the head up in a manner where the balding would be least visible. While in the earlier days, he could cover his head up using a hat, but with time, that too was becoming tougher.

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So, he finally decided to undergo a hair transplant and even though he is only 23 years of age, a reputed hair transplant clinic in Skipton, North Yorks has been able to help him. The procedure was done robotically, wherein about 2000 hairs were taken from the back of the head, and then the replantation was done by hand, by an experienced surgeon. Small pin pricks were made by the surgeon and these hair would be implanted in those holes. What made Sampson truly happy was the fact that he would be able to enjoy his own hair, yet again.

Sampson has been pretty open about his entire experience and has even blogged about everything that has happened so far. He spoke at length about how the hair loss had been affecting his morale as well as his confidence on stage. He also thanked the team and staff at the clinic for their support and assistance, because they not only kept him completely informed, but also relaxed and stress free. The surgeon in charge at the clinic mentioned that the hair loss was mainly because of the friction and pressure that they had to face due to the head spinning. They are hoping to see results in about three months’ time.

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