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Can wearing a cap or dyeing hair make you bald – part 1

AK Clinics | December, 6 2013 | 0 Comments

“Don’t keep twisting the end of your plait, your hair will wither away,” my grandma would reprimand. To my six year old mind, it didn’t make sense, it still doesn’t! My granny would continue to admonish, she would tell my mom, “Don’t tie her hair so tight with so many clips, you’ll yank her hair off.” My mom would hastily loosen my braid and look wistfully to yet another flower that she wanted to add to my mane, but wouldn’t, for being given another verbal whiplash from the older woman!

Have you come across such myths about hair ?

Even stroking your hair, people in olden days would caution, would mean the end of a plentiful crown.  Dandruff and cosmetic products like hair colour, shampoos were also touted as major culprits augmenting hair loss, slowly but surely. Wear a baseball hat and surely the stroking would make hair disappear, they would reason with their authority for being seniors in the family! The only positive one was that hair loss occurs among intellectuals and is meant to denote prosperity or that a balding man should consider himself lucky because he is bound to marry a pretty wife. There are many other half-truths such as brush your hair vigorously a 100 times at bedtime and you will acquire lustrous locks. Overnight, huh? What about years of abuse by not providing enough nourishment through a healthy diet? At AK Clinics we do not just give expert advice about whether you are a candidate for hair transplant or grafting. First and foremost, our consultation will provide you basics, help you discern the real stuff from the hype. It is only after studying your case will we guide you towards what action would be right; maybe only medication. It is this kind of dedication and commitment that have helped us grow and spread our wings; to be able to maintain international standards of hygiene that few can boast of. And yes, don’t smoke – this isn’t grandma’s advice, but medically proven.

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