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Can wearing a cap or dyeing hair make you bald – part 2

AK Clinics | December, 9 2013 | 0 Comments

So you can start wearing those fancy scarves again. Or wear that baseball cap to the cricket match or for a sports meet. But did you believe that just running your fingers through your hair could cause hair loss? We’ve been conditioned to think that the more we mess with our hair, more the cause for a problem to develop. But gentle brushing or twisting your hair does not cause severe or permanent hair fall or hair loss.

Nor does styling or eating certain foodstuff.

But several studies have shown a definite relationship between smoking and baldness. Quit smoking and you will do your skin, your hair, your entire body a world of good. Instead nourish your hair with healthy food, a balanced diet with right amounts of sleep and exercise that help you to easily bounce back from a sickness and boost your immunity to combat stress.

 Stress is also a major cause in hair fall and developing a hobby and meditation can be good ways to cope with it. These are the facts that you should stick to just like a healthy lifestyle. Not myths like standing on one’s head will stimulate circulation and therefore better hair growth! In that case, all of us would have regular sessions of standing upside-down just like going to the gym is the norm for staying fit. It is easy to sift such yarn from what actually makes sense. Consult well-known doctors who provide you with advice after thoroughly investigating your medical history. At A K Clinics, we have extensive research to back our claims just as we can proudly declare 100% transparency. In fact our surgeons, Dr Aman and Dr Kapil Dua are known for their global expertise and how they have brought it to India – changing the lives of thousands through their emphasis on sterling quality. Visit and see the difference for yourself.

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