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Case History ….. Pawan Kumar

AK Clinics | September, 21 2014 | 0 Comments

Patient’s Profile:

Name – Pawan Kumar (Name changed for privacy concern)

Age – 37

Sex – Male

Norwood’s Classification Of Male Pattern Alopecia:

LevelGrade 6

Plan for the patient:

  • To cover the scalp in 2 sittings
  • During the 1st sitting, 2400 -2500 grafts will be implanted
  • Second sitting planned after 6-8 months


First Sitting:

AreaCovered: Frontal half

Grafts extracted – 2500

Technique Used: FUE

Donor Area: Scalp

Procedure Details:

  • The donor area had significantly high quality grafts. The density of hair was observed to be around 80 FU/cm2.
  • The donor area was large in terms of area. Therefore, we were easily able to extract 2500 grafts very quickly (within 2 hrs) with minimum wastage (around 1.5%).The Hair Transplant procedure went uneventful. The patient was very satisfied.



The results were very good as seen in the pictures below.

Pre- op

before surgey

1st Sitting result

1st sitting

After 6 Months:

Surgery after result

Second Sitting:

Area Covered : Middle Scalp

Grafts extracted – 2100

Technique Used: FUE

Donor Area: Scalp

Procedure Details:

  • The donor area was still very good and we were able to extract 2100 grafts once again.

2nd Sitting Result

2 nd sitting result

Overall Result:

Within 2 successful sittings, a total of 4200 grafts were extracted and implanted.


Pre Surgery- All the details were explained and the conversation was very satisfactory and there was a friendly atmosphere. During the treatment everything was handled quite comfortably.

Post Surgery- I am satisfied with the instructions given. The results will satisfy me and I am sure about it.


AK Clinics

AK Clinics

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