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Cosmetic Surgery Is Not Just For Women!

Dr. Lokesh Kumar | April, 15 2016 | 0 Comments

There was once a time, when cosmetic surgery was considered as the sole domain of women. However, today, there are as many number of men as women who are undergoing these procedures.

There are numerous reasons why men are also undergoing cosmetic surgeries and corrective procedures and these include looking fitter, younger and more presentable. In certain cases, the surgery might be for health related reasons such as rhinoplasty for better breathing or gynecomastia for a fitter body.

The planning stages:

In order for any surgery to be successful, it is important that the same be planned out with precision and clear intentions. It is essential that you speak with your surgeon at great lengths and have all your doubts clarified in advance. When you first meet the surgeon, you will be asked to explain the reason behind your opting for the surgery and your expectations regarding the same. It is natural to feel awkward during consultation, but it is imperative that you keep it all aside, and talk openly. Only by giving your surgeon a clear indication of what it is that you are looking for, will the surgeon be able to create a proper surgical plan for you.

Your doctor will ask you to undergo a range of tests and a complete medical evaluation, because they need to know that you are in physically and mentally good shape for the surgery. There will be several pre-operative pictures that will be taken, and these will prove to be extremely handy after the surgery, for a proper comparison.

Your surgeon will also take the time to make you understand the exact procedure, how it will be done and what the possible risks and complications are. Ideally, you should also be explained how much the procedure will cost and a proper breakup of the same should be provided to you. In certain cases, the insurance company does not offer coverage for the surgery, especially if they are being done with a non-medical reason. In such cases, you might want to consider financing or work out a payment plan.

The facts about body contouring:

Every man wants to have a trimmed body and look athletic at all times – the idea of the perfect man is someone who has broad shoulders, washboard abdomen and no excess fat anywhere on the body. However, the truth is that fat is bound to show itself and that too in places, where it becomes very obvious. So, fat may accumulate around the abdomen, the chest area and even around the chin and neck. In certain condition, exercise and a stringent control over one’s diet helps, however, in certain cases, liposuction is the only way out.

In most cases, liposuction works really well and the problem areas can be rectified with ease. In addition, men tend to maintain their skin elasticity better than women. This is why liposuction works better for men.

Post liposuction, there is the chance that the skin becomes loose and starts to sag, which is why your surgeon might suggest that you undergo a surgical skin removal as well. This process is normally suggested for gynecomastia patients, because when the excess breast tissue is removed, there is sagging, which gives the impression of breasts still being there.

Perhaps one of the most popular surgical procedures with men is a tummy tuck or an abdominoplasty. Normally, the abdomen becomes loose because of drastic weight loss, loose muscles or even hernia related issues. This is actually a major procedure and takes a lot of time, and the recovery time is also elongated. In this process, the excess fat is removed from around the abdomen, the muscles around the abdomen are tightened and the waistline is controlled. If there is a good skin elasticity, a full tummy tuck might not be required and only liposuction might be sufficient.

The ‘after’ of the surgery:

In the days and weeks after the surgery, you will be asked to take several precautions, which would vary from not shaving or using any chemicals on the face or surgical site to not lifting heavy loads. You will be asked to wear your bandages, till the wounds start to heal and there will be a list of precautions that you will need to take. It is normal for facial reconstruction patients to be asked to stay out of the sun, as much as possible and not indulge in any strenuous activities, for a few weeks. Rest is important immediately after the surgery and it is best that one adhere to the doctor’s orders.


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