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Crazypoplock reviews Skin Polishing Facial at AK Clinics

AK Clinics | February, 5 2015 | 0 Comments

Facials are something which I find something very important for someone who is into skin care. Even if one is not really into make up, skin care is something which benefits in the long run. More like an investment to looking youthful in the long run specially when one is living in a city where pollution is everywhere so giving our skin that extra TLC is always welcomed. Personally speaking even minimum once a month, a simple face cleaning is better then nothing if not a proper facial.

crazypop lock reviews

When AK CLINICS contacted me if I wanted to try their services, specially their facial services I got super excited. I had opted for their Skin Polishing which is basically a skin polishing package which encompasses the dual treatments of microdermabrasion and peel. The combined action of the two treatments helps to slough away the dull outer layer of the skin and reveal younger, brighter, healthier-looking skin with a satin smooth finish. Skin polishing helps to give an even skin tone, free from discoloration or hyper pigmentation, and is also useful for diminishing fine lines. Additionally, these treatments are also a painless way to reduce the prominence of shallow acne scars.

PRICE: INR 2,000/- {with chemical peel total comes up to INR 3,500/-} + taxes.

So I felt that Skin Polishing Facial would be good for me because for the type of skin its mentioned for related to the one I have. Once I reached the clinic, the staff there were gave good service. The receptionist was quick, only had to wait 5 minutes for my dermatologist who would do the facial on me to get free.

The dermatologist’s name is Dr.Renu Kothottil and she was very sweet. She first checked my skin, listened to my skin concerns very patiently and even recommended and gave me tips on not to skip my facial sunscreen even during winter.

The whole process of the Skin Polishing Facial took 30 minutes which included the polishing facial machine the dermatologist used on my face along with the chemical peel mask and ending with a face pack to complete the whole process. As you can see from the close up picture above of Before and After results the clear differences. Right after getting the Skin Polishing Facial my face felt sensitive and looked slightly red which the dermatologist told me that its completely normal for the face to look slightly red after the treatment is done. The redness will go away in 1-2 hours time which was true, the redness vanished soon enough.

Now, was the Skin Polish Facial worth it in the end? is the main question here.

The answer to that would be absolutely yes! As you can see from the picture above in the Before and After close up that in the after section my face looks more smoother, less blackheads and whiteheads. I could feel my face look and feel more “youthful” and cleaner. The whole Skin Polish Facial felt like it was a deep exfoliation kind of facial because of the special sand particles helped in removing the dead skin layer properly.

I asked the dermatologist from what age groups can one get this facial done and she had said that from age 18 and above. Below 18 if that person is 16 then they need their parent’s consent.

This is one of the facials which you can get one day before any special event which needs to be attended. It gives instant results of smoothness and soft skin. Its been more than a week now and my face still feels good so I’m kind of impressed with this particular facial by the AK Clinics.

The clinic in Delhi is located in GK-1 right next to the M block Market.

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