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Do I really need a hair transplant?

AK Clinics | February, 26 2016 | 0 Comments

Que: I am in my early 30s and of late I have noticed that my hair looks normal in natural light, but when I am in harsh lighting, my hair seems almost see through. I am not sure if my hair is thinning, because overall, it still looks like it used to, in my youth. People I know tell me that I have light brown hair with tinges of blonde in it, which is why in harsh light it looks almost transparent. But I am not sure and would like to hear your opinion about this situation.

Ans: The best and the easiest way to determine whether there is hair loss is via a trichoscopy or cross sectional trichometry, on the same area, but there has to be a gap of at least one month. By what you have described, it looks like you have hair thinning and this is something that can be handled with medical treatment. In the case that the hair loss increases and the scalp starts to become visible, you might need a hair transplant.

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