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Dr Kapil Dua becomes the 1st Hair Transplant Surgeon to become faculty at ISHRS Conference, San Francisco, USA.

AK Clinics | October, 30 2013 | 0 Comments

San Francisco: It was a moment of pleasure & pride when Dr Kapil Dua from AK Clinics directed the workshop on ‘Ethnic Considerations in Hair Transplant’ at ISHRS conference at San Francisco.  Dr Aman Dua also made poster presentation in this conference.

International Society for Hair Restoration Surgeons is the parent organization that educates & develops Hair Restoration techniques around the world.  Every year this conference is held in Oct or Nov and is attended by hundreds of Hair Transplant surgeons from across the globe.  This is the most prestigious conference for Hair Transplant.

Dr Kapil Dua was also faculty for demonstration in a FUE workshop.  This workshop was a daylong workshop where he worked along with Dr James Harris.  He is an internationally prominent surgeon in the field of hair restoration surgery, and a published author of both medical and consumer publications.  He is a faculty member of the University of Colorado School of Medicine, where he teaches hair transplantation to resident physicians in training and community physicians.  He is also one of the pioneers for FUE hair transplant across the globe.

Dr Kapil Dua was also a panelist on Hairline design workshop.  He discussed many important factors to consider while designing a hairline.  These include gender, age, family history etc.  He also directed a workshop on Ethnic consideration in which he discussed hair transplant in various races ranging from African decent to Caucasians.  He discussed various challenges in the different races including the direction in which roots grow, density and physical properties of hair.

Dr Kapil Dua said that he was really feeling proud that the honesty & research-orientation is what is paying AK Clinics and fetching attention from doctors allover the world.  It is sheer our hard work & ethical conduct that made this possible.

He also said these days inexperienced & amateurs have started getting in the field and alluring patients with low, very low and further lower costs.  He said that he frequently hears from patients that they have been committed 5000-6000 grafts from scalp by FUE, which is absolutely not recommended for the patient.

Dr Aman Dua also discussed in a seminar on Hair Cloning. She raised the point that some doctors are claiming that it has been done.  But it came clear that some tests are going on mice and have shown some improvement.  So hair cloning is a far distant dream in humans. In fact the people who are advertising or misleading masses should be dealt strongly by Medical Council. 

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