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Everything you need to know about Breast Augmentation – Part 1

Dr. Lokesh Kumar | September, 9 2015 | 0 Comments

A growing number of women, all over the world are looking towards cosmetic surgeries to look better. They feel that by enhancing the way they look, they will have a better chance at winning in the world. Having breasts that are perky and round and provide a great cleavage is something several women aspire for and for many women, the only way to attain the same is by undergoing breast enhancement surgery.

Before you decide that you too need a breast enhancement surgery, it would be wise to gather all the information associated with it.

What is breast enhancement surgery?

In simple terms, breast enhancement is a process by which the size of the breasts can be increased. In addition, the same process can be used to restore the volume of the breasts, post-delivery, weight loss or due to age. The procedure, which is medically known as augmentation ma6mmoplasty, can not only increase the size of your breasts, but also improve on the balance of your physical structure. In many cases, it has been noticed that women who undergo breast enhancement have a higher level of confidence and are able to face the world in a better manner. The process can also be done for women, who have injured their breasts due to an accident or have had to remove them due to cancer.

What can’t breast enhancement surgery do?

If you have breasts that droop too much, breast enhancement might not work, at least not in isolation. Combining it with a breast lift could offer hope to women who would like to see their breasts firm and perky again.

What are the costs involved in a breast enhancement surgery?

Truth be told, breast enhancement is not an inexpensive procedure and there are several factors that will prove to be expensive and the surgeon would just one of them. When you choose a good doctor, you not only ensure that you will be safe, but also a larger bill. In addition to the surgeon’s charges, you will also have to pay for operating room facilities, anaesthesia, help staff, medications, gauzes and bandages. You will also be asked to undergo a range of tests and checks, which will also cost you. In addition, your choice of implant will increase or decrease the final bill.

Although it might cost you a little extra, but it is best that you head to a certified surgeon, who has all the appropriate licenses and works either out of a well-established personal clinic or is associated with a recognised hospital. This will ensure you that there are minimal chances of anything going wrong with your procedure.

Who would be the ideal candidate for a breast enhancement procedure?

You might feel that you need to have a breast enhancement procedure done, however, just your desire might not be enough to make you an ideal candidate. There are numerous factors involved in deciding who can undergo such a procedure and some of them include:

  • You need to be physically and mentally healthy.
  • Your breasts have to be fully developed.
  • You have to be sure that your breasts are either too small or need to be enlarged for you to look good in most clothes.
  • Your breasts have lost their shape or size due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, loss of
  • You have undergone physical trauma or have had to have your breasts removed due to cancer.
  • Your breasts are either asymmetrical, or if there is a dissimilarity in both the breasts.
  • Finally, it is crucial that you walk in for your first consultation as well as surgery with realistic expectations.

What is the recovery process, post a breast augmentation surgery?

You will have to keep a little over a week free for your breast augmentation procedure. Immediately after the surgery, you will be kept under observation, because your surgeon will need to make sure that there is no excessive bleeding or clotting. Breasts are generally wrapped in gauze and you will be asked to wear a support bra or elastic bandage to support your breasts. Within a matter of hours, you will be able to return home and it would be wise to have someone take you home, rather than you driving yourself.

Before you leave, your doctor will tell you about the care and precautions that you will have to take for the next few weeks. You will also be told about the medications you will have to take to ensure that no infection sets in, in addition to how to clean and maintain the hygiene of the operated area. In many cases, the surgeon will suggest the constant wearing of support bras. Returning to a normal life of exercise and activity should be done only post proper consultation with the surgeon.

Will a replacement be required?

At the end of the day, a breast implant is a manmade device, which means that there is always the chance that one day it might have to be replaced. This is why your surgeon will suggest that you undergo checks and tests, every year. These tests will ensure that there are no leaks in the implant and that there have been no unwanted growths.

Breast AugmentationWith time, your breasts are bound to change, because of fluctuations in weight, age and hormonal changes. At such times, your surgeon might suggest that you undergo a breast lift, which will bring the life back in your initial surgeries.

In the next article, we will continue to look at breast augmentation, including types of implants, how the procedure is conducted and what the risks involved are.

Dr. Lokesh Kumar

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