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Are all FUE result are always excellent

AK Clinics | November, 1 2014 | 0 Comments

Steven John: Hi Dr, I have heard that FUE always give excellent results whereas it is not true in cut method. Please tell me is it true?

Ans: Out of all the latest methods of hair transplant, FUE are the most prevalent that yields excellent resufuelts. The follicular unit extraction has the advantage of minimizing a donor scar. There is comparatively quicker recovery causing no pain or discomfort in donor site while performing the surgery. This technique has gained an upper hand over all the other methods as it is ideal for patients looking for a scar revision arising from previous faulty treatment and above all the advantages that it has; it is appropriate and suitable for young patients who need a few numbers of grafts in the hairline or is well suited to the people looking for hair restoration in the frontal area of the head. FUE technique also involves individual extraction of hair follicle unit of 1-4 hairs using tiny punches and is most suited for people that prefer to keep short hair.

All FUE results cannot be excellent since it has some downsides which are not appreciated by everyone. First of all is the over harvesting from the donor area. The number of grafts which can be safely extracted in one go are around 2200-2500. But some surgeons claim to extract upto 5-6000 grafts in one sitting only. If you go to such a high number, it will probably cause thinning of the donor area and hence a See-through appearance which you may not like later on. On top of that, if the hair do not grow, then it will probably cause permanent loss of permanent hair. Every clinic has its own share of poor results. In any experienced clinic, it might be as low as 5-10% or in inexperienced hands, maybe as high as 80-100%.

Our recommendations are different for each individual depending of their hair situation and their preference. Even though, FUE has its own uniqueness benefits along with a few downsides but the motive to deliver a natural-looking result that last a lifetime is attained by our skilled surgeon at AK Clinics. Therefore, you should be fully aware when anyone says to you that their clinic has 100% results and can give you a written guarantee for that…..

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