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FUT- The gold standard in Hair Transplant

AK Clinics | November, 11 2014 | 0 Comments

Nowadays, people have become more conscious of their looks. Both men and women want to look young and confident and  no one wants to look old at an early age, especially due to hair loss as it gives a striking blow to one’s appearance. The patient scrutinizes for the best treatment among oodles of options that may confuse him/her. Solution for excessive hair loss or baldness is readily available with the skilled surgeons that specialize in the hair transplant technique.

FUT (Follicular Unit Hair transplantation) is considered as the industry’s gold standard as it is a widely used permanent and reliable solution for baldness. In this technique hair units are removed using donor strip from the donor zone, which is then stitched by surgeon immediately after removal using closure technique making sure that  the scars are undetectable. These hair units extracted are then precisely inserted into areas of hair loss (recipient head) in such a way that no special dressing is required. In a particular session about 4,000 -8000 hair can be transplanted without consuming a lot of time.

The FUT technique is a safe and simple strip harvesting method extensively used for decades to restore hair on the bald area that gives FUT a platform of a gold standard globally. The hair become maintenance free after the transplant, you need no extra care as you can use regular shampoo and cut them as per your pleasure because these transplanted hair are your own normal hair. AK Hair Transplant clinic gleams when it comes to hair restoration treatment due to due to their vast experience in the field. The high successes have won the attention of many individuals and to trust AK Clinic for hair restoration.

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