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Hair transplants boosting medical tourism in India

AK Clinics | September, 23 2013 | 0 Comments

India ranks high among top-notch Asian countries adhering to medical standards beckoning people from other countries to alleviate their suffering through affordable treatment, here.  Being recognized on par with other international centres, especially for hair care has enabled many people from developed nations to fulfill their aspirations, of looking good, by consulting worldclass surgeons in India, at a fraction of the cost, that they would have to pay in their country.

But this factor about being economical, raises many questions about the quality of treatment. Putting the most important doubt to rest: Question the cost, not the quality!  The reason why treatment is not as cut-throat expensive as it is abroad is because of reduced infrastructure and insurance costs in our country. This does not translate into sacrificing hygiene and sanitation. In fact, strict laws regulate the medical practice and to be able to compete on a global scale, it is necessary for the entire team of surgeons, specialists, doctors and personnel involved, to maintain high, discerning, standards and follow them with utmost precision.

At A K Clinics, veterans in the field who have conducted over 1,000 FUEs, are ably assisted by a qualified cadre trained from different parts of the world, namely US, Europe, Israel and Thailand. Each of our Ludhiana, Mumbai & Delhi centres boasts of unparalleled credibility, which is a hallmark of A K Clinics, in a large country like India; where preying on the ignorant and uninformed is rampant as it can yield phenomenal profits.

This is testified by the trust reposed in us from people coming to us from all parts of the world, i.e.we have clientele ranging from Korea to California and Denmark to New Zealand.  Another important factor that needs to be highlighted here, which is also instrumental in our enviable position at the top, is our credo of being 100% transparent at all levels: even the grafts are individually counted. It all boils down to our commitment to keep the trust that our clients approach us with; giving them proper advice not false promises, informing them about side-effects and what could go wrong, if at and not misleading them in any way with guarantees which have now become common marketing gimmicks; giving the entire fraternity a bad name.

AK Clinics

AK Clinics

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