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How to decide about Breast Augmentation – Part 2

Dr. Lokesh Kumar | April, 16 2016 | 0 Comments

Studies have shown that in the recent past, especially the last decade, the demand for breast enhancement procedures has increased drastically. Women are becoming more aware of their body and wish to have a cleavage that will grab them attention. For many women, this seems to be the only option to look voluptuous and appealing. However, before deciding that you too need this procedure, it is best that you get certain facts right.

  • Just one surgery might not be enough

Many women are under the impression that they require only one surgery, and they are set for life. However, a large percentage of women, actually need another surgery in life, because the implants are not meant to last forever. There could either be leakage, breakage, change in shape or weight loss or weight gain. Factors such as pregnancy can also lead to the need of another surgery.

  • Going to a big size right from the word go is not possible

If you are looking to go up only one or two sizes, one surgery might be enough. However, if you are planning to jump several sizes, then it is important that you understand that you will require several surgeries. Each implant takes time to settle in and your body needs time to adapt to the medical device. A good surgeon will suggest that you gradually move up one or two sizes at a time, which is why you will need regular surgeries.

  • It is possible to try different sizes, before deciding on one

Just like you get to try on clothes, before you decide which one looks the best on you, you can do the same with breast sizes too. By using something called sizers you can get a fair idea of how you will look in the future, post-surgery. The sizers are neoprene sacks, which are filled with beads and by putting these inside your bra, you will be able to decide the correct size for you.

  • Understand the types of implants you can choose from

There are basically two types of implants – saline and silicone. Both these implants have their sets of pros and cons and your surgeon should be able to assist you in making the best choice. While silicone implants look more real, it is much harder to detect when there leakages or ruptures. Saline implants might look a little more obvious, but they are easier to observe, because if there is a leakage, you will be noticing a reduction in size.

  • Breasts implants will not feel the same as real breasts

It is important to understand that implants are implants and they will never feel like the real thing. These are manmade medical devices and will always have a slight artificiality to them. In addition, they vary from breast tissue, which is why the proper placement is crucial to make the surgery look as natural as possible.

  • This will not be an inexpensive journey

You need to realise that breast enhancement is a cosmetic surgery and it will cost you. Chances are that your insurance policy will not cover the same, which is why you will have to shell out the money from your own pocket. Prices are dependent on several factors including the surgeon, where the surgery will be conducted, medication and surgical material. What kind of implant you choose will also affect the final cost.

  • You could possibly lose sensation in your nipples after a breast alteration surgery

In many cases, it has been noticed that after a breast enhancement or reduction surgery has been conducted, there is a loss of sensation in the nipples. This certainly does not mean that the nipples will not respond to cold or hot stimulation, because they will; its just that you might not realise that the same is happening. The loss of sensation is dependent on the shape of the breasts and the type of surgery that has been conducted.

  • You might have larger breasts, but you might not be able to breastfeed

When you undergo a breast enhancement surgery, there is a slight chance that the minor ducts could be damaged. There is also the possibility that the areola complex gets completely disconnected from the particular portion of the gland that enables you to breastfeed. This is one of the reasons why many women who undergo such surgeries, opt not to breastfeed. However, if the surgeon had made incisions in the underarm or the crease of the breast, then there should be lesser chances of things going wrong.

  • Larger breasts will affect your posture

This is one of the first things a good surgeon will talk to you about – you need to realise that you are adding extra weight to one portion of your body and this will affect your posture. This is why it is important that you choose an implant that is in proportion with your body frame. Larger implants are bound to affect the body, mainly the back, eventually changing your posture.

  • You may not get to decide which implant you want

This is something that your surgeon will assist you in deciding, because you might want to look exactly like the voluptuous models, you need to understand that this is a medical procedure and a surgeon would be the best judge. Your doctor will have to check your medical history including whether you have a history of breast cancer in the family, whether you smoke or are of adequate weight. All these factors will have to be taken into account by your surgeon, because these will help decide the type of implant that should be used, the maximum size and also how the surgery should be conducted.

Here are some questions that you should ask yourself, before even considering a breast enhancement procedure:

  • Am I really unhappy with the way I look?
  • Will I really benefit from this surgery? If yes, how so?
  • Can I afford the surgery?
  • Am I prepared for the possible risks and side effects?

Dr. Lokesh Kumar

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