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Tips for long hair – How to grow long hair

AK Clinics | June, 15 2012 | 0 Comments

Are you wishing to have a long and strong hair faster? Long hair is one of the most adored assets for everyone. All hair nurtures an average of ½ inch per month, but it’s how you take care of your hair that resolves how much you’ll hold on to. There is no claptrap involved in growth. The mandatory thing is how you work out or practice the instructions to have healthy hair. So here are some great tips for growing long, luscious strands. It takes a huge dedication to grow your locks amazing lengths. It can be possibly done. Below are the Tips for long hair and How to grow long hair.

Always get your Hair Trim:
If you want to have lengthy and sturdy hair, get trimmed after every two-three months. Trimming helps to get clear of damaged hair, split ends, and dry hair and add volume.Hair trimming means shedding of ½ to ¼ inch of hair only. Due to split ends and broken cuticles, your hair will appear thinner with unwanted tough look. Long hair should always look thicker and should not grow weak towards the ends. The healthier you care for your hair in routine, the less often you’ll have dead ends.

Constantly wear protective styles:
If you have a long hair and want them to grow super long and strong, then never do excess of styling. Keep your hair loose, it may not appear tough, so you need to choose styles that keep its fragile nature in mind. Too-tight ponytails and braids worn over extensive phase of time will ultimately lead to breakage. Styling should never be throbbing. Always apply those products which suits your hair texture. Never use excess of perming, crimping, straightening, curling, bleaching and chemicals which can weaken roots and prevents from growth. These can increase breakage and can lead to loss. Chemicals and heating appliances can make your look dull and fizzy after a long time.

Proper Brushing of Hair:
Brush or comb carefully by using a better quality brushes so that they don’t hurt the hair strands and pull them prematurely. Never brush when they are wet this causes breakage. Always use a wide tooth comb to avoid fall.

Use Moisturizing Products:
Only use moisturizing products for your hair. Always look for the ingredients in shampoos and never use harsh shampoos. Because some people often have harsh hair which is dry by nature, it’s best to use products that replace needed moisture. Keep they wonderfully conditioned by using a moisturizing conditioner twice a week to keep your hair nice and strong. Using excess of shampoos too can damage. Many brands make products for all type like oily to dry. So it’s easy to select a best shampoo for your hair.

Proper Diet and nutrition for your hair:
Balanced diet and proper nutrition is very essential for good health and strong hair. Your hair also needs a vitamins and minerals to grow long. Eat lot of green vegetables and fruits and take multi-vitamin to make sure your hair gets enough of vitamins. People who experience from vitamin deficiencies and detrimental diets can suffer from dry, brittle hair. Drink enough water and exercise regularly for your body’s overall health.

Massage your scalp:
Massage your scalp for four to five minutes daily to improve blood flow to the hair follicles, which will make your hair grow longer. Rub the scalp with your fingers or with the help of a prong brush all around your scalp to activate the follicles into producing more and to make the hair grow longer and strong.

Use limited heat appliances:
Heat appliances like blow dry, rod, curls or brushes can damage cuticle making strands prone to snapping off. Put away all types of heat. Remove the curling iron, flat iron and blow dryer in the back of the clandestine. Detangle with only a wide-tooth comb. Choose styles that don’t rely on so much heat, as well as gentle styling methods like wraps, wet sets and twists. Keeping your hair in its usual state requires lot of attention. To gain length first get rid of chemically processed hair at once, instead of trimming away of your new hair length, the easiest way is to return to your roots and take care of them.

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