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How to stop hair fall and avoid baldness

AK Clinics | August, 30 2013 | 0 Comments

Will soya enriched shampoo really work wonders for your hair from “root to tip” as the conditioner ad proclaims? Have you tried every tip in the book, TV commercial, blogs like this one and are still left fuming and frustrated with bushels of hair yanked out by your high-quality imported brush? Can any oil or changes in your diet become that ultimate miracle cure for falling hair and its consequent larger nightmare, baldness?

 And when is hair fall a cause for serious concern, especially since losing almost 40-50 strands of hair daily is considered normal? Understand the cycle of hair growth to differentiate whether suffering from hair fall at a particular time or season is okay or needs treatment on a war footing. For instance, genetically if you are not blessed with thick hair, but thin hair, it should not be cause for worry. But if your hair has begun to become sparse or due to hormonal changes, stress or other factors like environmental pollution, residue from hair sprays and gels, you have begun to experience hair fall or thinning hair, then you need to identify the cause and appropriate form of rectifying this.

While everyone clamours for Rapunzel-like hair and what with radio jingles and contests promising the moon, it is natural for people to think that despite having a far-from-desirable crown, it is possible to swish one’stresses like the gorgeous Ashwarya Rai endorsing a hair colour. The truth is doing a reality check.  Baldness can be treated, so can various other hair problems under the guidance of experts like the world renowned surgeons at A K Clinics with their centres in Ludhiana, Delhi, Mumbai.  However, it is necessary to be able to discern whether your condition warrants such a high level of expertise and specialized, medical care. If yes, research extensively before signing up for any technique, check testimonials thoroughly and only then take a decision about which option will give optimum results, in terms of downtime, cost and a whole lot of factors that need to be examined with a fine-toothed comb. Your checklist should contain a yes answer for minimum three of the following:

1)       Is the cure being prescribed, a permanent one?

2)       Is the treatment, the best possible alternative or a compromise due to lack of technological development?

3)       Will the treatment enhance my relationship or career prospects?

4)       Is the procedure being followed tried and tested and conducted by certified professionals?

5)       Am I certain there will be no side-effects and prepared to deal with drawbacks should the procedure go wrong?

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