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Indian Beauty Forever reviews AK Clinics’ procedure

AK Clinics | December, 17 2014 | 0 Comments

Check out the below post published on India Beauty Forever blog. They reviewed our Laser photo facial procedure.

Laser Photo Facial at AK Clinics Review, Experience, Price and Details

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a great weekend and Monday blues aren’t too heavy on you. Few days ago, I was given this opportunity to get a Laser Photo Facial at AK Clinics. Those of you who are interested in cosmetic treatments and hair transplants would be well informed about them. AK Clinics, founded by Dr. Kapil Dua and Dr. Mrs Aman Dua in the year 2008, provide services like hair transplantation by various modern methods, consultation regarding hair loss and treatments to control that. Along with that they also provide Cosmetology Procedures such as laser hair removal, Anti Aging treatments like Botox, Vampire lift, Facial Volumizers and other cosmetics procedures like skin polishing, laser photo facial, laser for acne, laser for pigmentation, chemical peels, scar treatments to name a few.
I got a Laser Photo Facial which was done by Dr. Renu. Prior to the procedure, I also had an interactive session where she informed me about the various procedures like Acne scar treatments, Chemical peels, Botox etc.

ak clinics delhi office
You know, whenever I use to hear about Cosmetology Procedures, I had this notion that they would be painful and would cost a bomb, I am sure most of you had somewhat similar perception about these services but after getting to know more about the procedures and their corresponding cost, I realized that they are not that costly and painless. I was surprised to know that the money we spent over the time in salons and beauty parlours getting treatments like waxing, facials etc is higher that the money spent in procedure like laser hair removal to get rid of the hair permanently or even the botox etc . Do you know that I was being offered similar services to try earlier as well which I turned down as I thought they will be painful and my pain tolerance is very low?

Laser Photo Facial at AK Clinics device
Coming back to the laser Photo facial now, this uses a light-based technology for skin treatment. Photo facials are mostly used for treating brown spots, broken capillaries, and boosting collagen. My Laser Photo Facial session took around 35 minutes. I was made to lie down and relax, the facial started with the skin cleansing by one of the assistant and covering my eyes with cotton pads. She applied a colorless laser gel on my right cheek. Then Dr. Renu using a hand held laser device, blasted the laser on my skin by pressing the device that had an inch long rectangular plate against my skin, at various places of the cheeks.
There was no pain or tingling sensation, just a subtle warmth and the blast of light that I could feel even if my eyes were closed. The gel was then wiped off and the same procedure was repeated for the other cheek, forehead and the nose-chin area. When she was doing the forehead, there I once felt a mild tingling; else there was nothing at all.
The next step was Vitamin C application on my face for a couple of minutes, followed by a mud pack. Once that got dried, the assistant applied aloe vera gel and sunscreen.
Right after the facial was completed, I felt my skin was supple with a glow and some red patches which according to the doctor will subside after some time, which they did. She instructed me to wear sunscreens daily while going out and no chemical treatments on face like some other facials, bleach etc for the next 10 days.
The picture below on the right shows my bare face after the facial, you can see some redness on the nose and chin.
Laser Photo facial costs 3500 Rupees per sitting and the next session can be done after 3 weeks or a month. This Laser Photo facial basically is done to treat the broken capillaries, brown spots and enhancing collagen production that gives skin its elasticity.

indian beauty forever
Left: Me with the Mud pack and Right: No makeup face after the facial

The regular facials can give you glow due to blood circulation boost due to the massage and the cream used but as this Laser Photo facial targets the brown spots, broken capillaries, making it good to be consistent with such things just like the regular salon facial we do once or twice in a month.
It’s been 3 days, I feel that my skin looks radiant and better than the day I visited since whether has changed and my skin got few dry patches in spite of being on the oily side.
The laser photo facial would be ideal for brides to be and bride’s maid or when you’ve to look your best. For brides to be, it will be better if they take at least two sitting before the wedding, so that the skin starts to react and respond well to the treatment.
If you ask me, I would personally recommend this facial over the regular facials when you have to spend just a few bucks extra since it targets certain long term problems.

AK Clinics

AK Clinics

AK Clinics- India most trusted & recommended Hair, Skin, Cosmetic Surgery Clinics in India run by Dr. Kapil Dua & Dr. Aman Dua with a mission empowering one million indians to look and feel their best.

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