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Laser Skin Treatment Advantages and Risk

Dr. Aman Dua | July, 19 2016 | 0 Comments

In the past few years, there has been a lot of development in the world of skin treatments and one of the most ground breaking procedures has been laser skin resurfacing or simply, laser skin treatment. If done properly, the procedure can give you skin that is stunning – clean, blemish and spot free skin, that has a natural glow to it. In addition, when laser treatments are done well, it can leave you with clear skin for a really long time, provided you take the required effort to keep it that way.

At AK Clinics, we offer laser skin treatments, such as laser photo facials, which are known to improve not only the skin tone, but also the texture. If your skin has been left damaged by age, over exposure to the sun or has been damaged due to irregular or incorrect skin care, laser skin treatments can give your skin back the healthy glow it deserves.

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What is laser skin treatment?

Laser skin treatment refers to any skin treatment that uses laser, such as the laser photo facial, wherein a special light is directed towards the skin. The light penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, and from there it is able to deal with brown or black spots, pigmentation or any other marks and blemishes. In addition, the treatment can help repair capillaries that might have broken and it can also improve the natural production of collagen.

What are the types of laser skin treatments?

From laser skin resurfacing to laser photo facials, there are actually several types of laser skin treatments, but it is photo laser facials that are the most popular, mainly because they are minimally invasive and require lesser investment, in terms of time.

There are two types of laser photo facials:

Light emitting diode or LED – This is perhaps the most common type of photo facial and is often provided at salons and spas. With the help of a narrow spectrum light, the production of collagen is boosted in the body and this will allow the skin to look younger and also suppler. At AK Clinics, we also use the same procedure to kill the bacteria that is known to lead to acne. There is no pain, no downtime and no possibility of burns, making this an extremely popular procedure.

Intense pulsed light or IPL – This is a more specialised procedure, which is why it is not offered at salons; you will have to go to a specialised clinic, such as AK Clinics. The procedure is meant to treat broken capillaries, spider veins, brown spots as well as facial redness. A light that is high in energy and is very bright, will be used on the affected parts. The treatment is known to be slightly uncomfortable and some people have even categorised it as painful.

What are the advantages of getting a laser skin treatment?

There are several problems that can be handled with a laser skin treatment and some of them include:

  • Damage caused due to overexposure to sun
  • Pigmentation and marks left by it
  • Redness and freckles
  • Broken capillaries
  • Rosacea

What does a laser skin treatment procedure entail?

The basic steps are pretty much the same for most laser skin treatment procedures, but this is how a laser photo facial normally works:

Before the procedure: There is not much that will be required of you before the procedure. You will be asked to arrive a while before the procedure is supposed to start. This time will allow you to be informed about what will happen and how much time, on average the procedure will take. In addition, your face will be washed and all traces of makeup will be removed.

During the procedure: For the procedure, you will be taken into a room that has been properly sanitised. You will be asked to recline on a bed or reclining chair and depending on which type of laser photo facial is being done, the procedure will be started. If you are undergoing only a LED photo facial, a narrow spectrum light will be directed on your face. Similarly, if you are undergoing an IPL procedure, a higher energy light will be used on the face.

After the procedure: Once the procedures are complete, you will be able to return to your regular routine, immediately. This means that you will not even need someone to drive you to and from the appointment – you will be able to do the same yourself. Since there is no pain, you will not need any painkillers or medications. You might be prescribed some creams or ointments to be used for the next few days. There could be a little burning or itching, but this is normal and will disappear in a few days. You might be asked to avoid stepping out in the sun for a few days or go swimming, but these are things that your doctor will clarify, well in advance.

Are there are any risks associated with laser skin treatments?

When the procedure is done by professionals, such as those at AK Clinics, there is little to worry about. However, there can be a few side effects, which are actually normal and these could include:

  • Redness or pinkness on the skin
  • A slight stinging feeling, as if you have been sunburnt
  • Skin darkening
  • Possibility of a sunburn, especially if you step out of the house, without proper sun protection

If you are looking for the best possible laser skin treatment, it would be wise to come directly to AK Clinics, where our team of expert doctors and skin care professionals will give you the best treatment. After closely examining your skin, our doctors will prescribe the best course of action for you and when you walk out of our doors, you will not only have skin that looks new, but a confidence that you might have never felt before!

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Dr. Aman Dua

Dr. Aman Dua

Dr. Aman Dua, Co-Founder & Managing Director at AK Clinics has over 14 years of clinical and teaching experience in the fields of Dermatology and Hair Transplant. Clinically, she has practiced aesthetic dermatology as a Consultant at Dayanand Medical Hospital, Ludhiana where she also served as the Assistant Professor & Skin Specialist for a number of years.

Over the course of her career, she has garnered acclaim as a facial aesthetics expert, with special interest in non-surgical acne scar removal. She practices as a Chief Dermatologist at Ludhiana Clinics.

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