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Men who Spent 6000$ repents for a Rail road hairline

AK Clinics | March, 28 2019 | 0 Comments

Mr Kenneth a 40 year male from Australia, (NH Grd III) was horrified when he started noticing the receding hair line. He decided to undergo hair transplant at someclinic in Turkeyand unfortunately fell into the hands of quacks. He ended up spending 6000$ for botched treatment which left him with unnatural looking hair line and wastage of his precious donor area.In his words, it looked like he got rail tracks made in his hairline area. He was very disappointed and wanted to get rid of this ugly hair line. He then researched on internet and founded our clinic (AK clinics). He met the chief surgeon, Dr Kapil Dua and explained his problem. Dr Dua assured him and educated him about the hair transplant procedure in detail and how to soften the hair line.

The patient then underwent Bio FUE ™surgery successfully and was very releived with the way the procedure was carried out.Regarding the procedure, the patient insisted that the level of the hairline should not be changed. Two thousand grafts were implanted in the frontal area. Dr.KapilDuacreated the hairline in such a way that single hair follicular units were placed in the front area of the hairline followed by two, three and four hair units. The surgery lasted for one day. The patient was satisfied with the procedure. He shared that he was relaxed and feeling happy that he has made the right choice this time for his procedure

After doing the surgery Dr Dua said “Unnatural hairlines are a hallmark of the inexperienced technicians doing the surgery. For them, it is only the number of grafts and not the aesthetics” thereby spoiling the hairline of a lot of people. He further suggested that bald people should read the credentials of all the doctors and get the surgery done from an experienced doctor only to get the best aesthetic results.

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