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Mesotherapy Compliments Laser Therapy – Part 2

AK Clinics | October, 28 2013 | 0 Comments

How does cold laser therapy work when it is just a beam of light that stimulates healing? The scientific reasoning behind this is the light is absorbed by a living tissue, and then triggers biological reactions in the cells.  When chemical substances are produced and endorphins released, there is less pain or inflammation and faster bone repair.  So though, laser therapy is primarily used by the medical fraternity, it is also used by dermatologists for their procedures.  Cold laser therapy is not painful because it does not burn the skin.  As its name suggests, its ‘cold,’ it does not generate perceivable heat. It is extremely popular because it provides immediate results and at times may take even 6-12 sessions for visible effects.

Scientific research studies on laser therapy.

These reports verify the clinical value of laser therapy. While 2500 scientific research studies verify the clinical value of laser therapy, there are many people who are not aware of its benefits and therefore don’t consider it as a ‘preferred form of treatment.’ In fact, cold laser therapy is better than adopting alternative modalities such as electrical simulation or ultrasound; because they do not work towards tissue healing in any way.  Laser therapy on the other hand causes tissue to strengthen.  it is also safe to use though in certain instances, it involves use of special filtering glasses.

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