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Myths about Hair Loss – lifestyle related

AK Clinics | January, 9 2015 | 0 Comments

In the previous article we looked at some of the most common myths associated with hair loss and those that had a base in medicine. As mentioned in the earlier article, hair loss can be caused due to several reasons and while some of them could be medically related, there could be those that are associated with lifestyle and even gender. It is interesting to note that even the myths attached to hair loss can be categorised in the same manner.

Let’s take a look at some more common myths and make an attempt of clarifying them:

1. Myth: If the pores on your head are clogged, they can lead to hair loss.

Fact: While many people might think that they are suffering from clogged pores due to not taking proper care of the scalp, this condition is actually caused due to acne. If it were clogged pores that led to balding, then proper and regular shampooing would have taken care of the same. However, even a full on hair spa would not take care of the same, debunking the myth that clogged pores lead to hair loss.

2. Myth: If you shampoo too much, you might lose your hair.

Fact: Hair breaking during a shampoo is normal – you are bound to lose a few hair in the process, but this is normal and natural. However, thinking that avoiding that shampoo bottle will reduce hair loss would be silly. As a matter of fact, when you do not shampoo at regular intervals, the hair that was supposed to fall off with accumulate. And when you do shampoo, it will all fall out in one go.

3. Myth: If you massage your scalp regularly and well, you can reduce or even stop hair loss.

Fact: While oil massages are good for your scalp and can improve blood circulation, it cannot do much to reduce or stop hair loss. The oil massage can ensure that your hair and scalp remain moisturised – nothing more, nothing less. However, brushing your hair too much could certainly lead to increased breakage of hair.

4. Myth: Excessive air conditioning can damage your hair.

Fact: While sitting for too long in an air conditioned room could certainly lead to drier hair, there is no real proof that it can also lead to hair loss. If you have a proper hair care regime, which includes oiling and conditioning, you can sit in the air-conditioned room, for as long as you want!

5. Myth: If you cut your hair regularly, you will get to enjoy thicker hair.

Fact: The structure of your hair will not change, it will not grow thicker, simply because you get a regular trim. The only reason why you might feel that your hair feels thicker after a trim is because the base of your hair is now thicker. Normally, when the hair grows, it starts to taper at the base, after a while or even develops split ends. After a haircut, the hair length and thickness evens out, giving the impression of being thicker. However, this said, it is a good idea to get a regular trim.

6. Myth: Smoothening and straightening can lead to hair loss, while blow drying will not.

Fact: Almost all chemical and heat related procedures will lead to hair loss, including smoothening, straightening and blow drying. Most hair products have chemicals in them and extended as well as elongated use of the same is bound to cause hair loss. Even with blow drying, you are using heat on your hair and that can certainly lead to hair loss.

7. Myth: Hats can make you go bald.

Fact: A hat might spoil your hair style and if your hat is a not a clean one, you can certainly develop scalp infection and that can lead to hair loss, but wearing a hat will certainly not lead to hair loss. There are many people who think that by wearing a hat, their hair and scalp is not getting sufficient oxygen. The truth could not be further from this and your hair as well as scalp gets all the oxygen it needs from the blood. So, as long as you clean and rotate your hats, you will be perfectly fine!

8. Myth: Too much carbohydrate in your diet could lead to hair loss.

Fact: Proper hair growth needs all the essential nutrients, including carbohydrates, proteins and iron. If you are noticing hair loss, it could possibly be because of reduced iron in your diet, but certainly not because of higher amount of carbs.

In this article and the previous one, the conscious effort has been to clarify all doubts related to hair loss.

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