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Reconstruction of eyebrows with Revision-FUE.

AK Clinics | September, 20 2014 | 0 Comments

If you have ever wondered if your eye-brow is not in perfect shape, the below case report would be of interest to you.


Eyebrows are an important feature in facial aesthetics. Perfect brows define and give character to form a beautiful face. Brow hair loss can occur due to various factors like trauma, burns, over plucking, tattoos, alopeciaareata and other systemic diseases.Eyebrow restoration can be done in a similar manner as scalp hair restoration procedures, but certain factors should be given more emphasis.The direction and angle of a natural eyebrow is very importantandshould be replicated as far as possible.

Case Report

In July 2014, a 30 year old Caucasian female approached us for restoration ofherleft eyebrow. The patient had a history of loss of brow hair initially due to overzealous plucking of eyebrows in her teenage years. Due to resulting thinning of her brows, the patient got a tattoo on the brow to try and mask the lack of hair, but was unhappy with the resulting look. This led to her decision to undertake a brow transplant in September 2013.She underwent restoration of both eyebrows by FUE technique but had no idea regarding the number of grafts transplanted. The end result was not satisfactory with abnormal directionofhairs especially over her left eyebrow (Figure 1,2,3).
Screen_2Finally, the patient approached us asking for a restoration of the left eyebrow earlier this month.

Past & Personal history

Regarding the patient’s clinical history, there was no previous history of any medical ailments. Menstrual history was normal. Her diet and sleep were adequate. She was not on any medications.


CBC, BT, CT, PT, were within normal limits and HIV, HBsAg were negative.


5 Months post Surgery

We did a reconstruction of her left eyebrow by Revision -FUE technique. The plan was to transplant around 150 grafts (mainly single follicular units) as some were present already. These were taken from her occipital area. They were implanted by giving coronal slits on the brow. Great precautions were taken to make the slits and implant the hair in the laterally outwards natural direction of the eyebrowand not upwards as earlier. (Figure 4,5,6).The patient was happy as she got thick and full eyebrows.


Though requiring less number of grafts, eyebrow restoration is a very delicate procedure requiring great skill and artistic sense. Theangle and direction of the grafts placed should be perfect for good aesthetic results.Screen_4

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