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The How and Why of Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

AK Clinics | November, 4 2014 | 0 Comments

The day and age that we live in today, is one where there are new techniques and methods being invented each day. While some work towards bettering the way the heart functions, there are those which aim at improving the quality of human skin and hair. One such technique is PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.

How is PRP done?

In this procedure, blood from the body is extracted, put through a centrifuge to separate the plasma rich in platelets which is then collected into tubes. This platelet rich plasma is then injected into the scalp.

Why PRP ?

PRP contains plasma that has a high concentration of platelets. These platelets contain various growth factors, that causes cellular proliferation and can stimulate the stem cells thus promoting hair growth.  In addition, if there are has been some harm done, these platelets can also aid with the healing process.

The PRP therapy can be used in cases like:

However, PRP is not a suitable choice for people who are completely bald. The therapy cannot help with growing new hair on a completely bald patch – it can only ensure that the hair that is already present becomes thicker, because the platelets work at strengthening the follicles of the hair.

mediacal treatment for hair loss PRP

Generally, the treatment takes multiple sittings. Here at AK Clinics we suggest three sittings at an interval of one month each for the best results. We have an inbuilt centrifuge machine that ensures that proper centrifugation occurs and the right amount of platelet concentrate is obtained.

The procedure has no side effects, which means that it is safe for everyone. However, it can be slightly uncomfortable at some centres, who do not use proper anaesthetic or a numbing cream, which reduces the discomfort to quite an extent.

There is minimal recovery period associated with PRP, and the pain is often taken care of using mild painkillers. There can be slight swelling on the forehead, but this need not become a cause of worry. In most cases, the swelling subsides within about 48 hours. The treatment normally takes a little over one hour and the hair wash is advised after 6 hours.

We at AK Clinics have made a couple of changes in the procedure at our end and is named as Bio-Therapy.

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