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Protect Your Ears! They are Precious!

Dr. Kapil Dua | May, 20 2016 | 0 Comments

Your ears do more than just hearing – they allow your entire body to maintain a sense of balance and they provide an aesthetic proportion to your face. As is the case with all other parts of the body, it is important that you take care of your ears too. You need to ensure that they are cleaned on a regular basis, and should there be even an inkling of an infection, you should head to an ear specialist and have the same checked out.

Ear care

How to clean your ears the right way?

  • Your ears are just as sensitive as your eyes, which is why you need to make sure that you clean them with care. Use a wet tissue or damp washcloth to clean the outer part of the ear.
  • Avoid putting bobby pins, matchsticks or any other sharp, pointy objects into your ears.
  • Most people consider wax as dirt, but this is not the truth, because ear wax is the body’s way of offering protection. If you feel that there is too much wax build-up, you can visit your doctor, who will clean it in a proper manner.
  • Itching can happen in your ears, but it is best that you not try to scratch it with sharp objects, because you might end up rupturing your ear drum.
  • For people with pierced ears, it is advised that you clean your ears regularly with soap and water. Alternately, you could use some cotton that has been soaked in alcohol or aftershave.

How to handle illnesses and medications?

  • If you have a cold or infection in the nose, you need to realise that it might affect your ears too, which is why you need to tackle the first infection, as soon as possible.
  • There are certain medical conditions that can hamper your hearing, which is why, in case, you are suddenly feeling like you are not hearing clearly enough or are feeling like that there is a constant noise in your ears, then you should head to a doctor.
  • If there is some sort of liquid or discharge from your ears, then you should definitely hurry to your doctor.

How to protect your ears?

  • Your ears are bound to get wet, when you take a bath or go swimming or get trapped in the rains. However, it is important that you dry off your ears as soon as possible, because wet ears can be susceptible to infection.
  • After your bath, make sure that you use your towel to clean your ears properly.
  • If you are an avid swimmer, then you should invest in a well-fitting cap as well as ear plugs, because these will ensure that the water that enters your ear is kept to the minimal.
  • For people who work in an environment where there is constant loud noise, then they should invest in proper equipment. They should make sure that they wear ear plugs or headphones.
  • If you prefer to listen to music with earphones or headphones, make sure that you keep the volume low. Even when you head to a disco or nightclub, wear ear plugs, because these will help muffle the noise a little.
  • If you are going biking or skiing, wear a helmet that will protect your ears as well. This will protect your head as well as your ears from possible injuries.
  • While flying in an aircraft, yawn on a regular basis, because it will help release the pressure in your ears. In case you have a cold or infection, ensure that you take a decongestant before boarding the plane.
  • In case, you are planning to scuba dive, then you need to make sure that you do so with proper instructors. Going deep sea diving can hamper with the pressure inside the ear and with precise instructions, you should be safe.
  • Many people have the tendency to remove the silencers on their bikes or cars, because they feel that it seems cool and trendy. However, the constant loud sound emanated from such vehicles can damage the hearing.
  • Even at home, when you are using a leaf blower or drill machine, make sure that you wear protective ear gear.

How do I know something could be wrong?

  • If you are having trouble hearing
  • Not being able to understand what people might have said
  • Having to ask people to repeat what they have said
  • Keeping the television or radio on a higher volume than normal
  • Having trouble with a telephonic conversation
  • Trying to read lips, because you are not able to listen clearly
  • Constant noise within your head, which is actually a medical condition known as tinnitus

In case, you are facing any of these problems, it is best that you immediately head to your ENT specialist. After diagnosing your exact condition, they will be able to prescribe a course for you, which could include medication and perhaps surgery, if the condition is a little too severe.

Protecting your ears is actually not all that difficult, provided you are willing to make a few lifestyle changes. All you need to remember is that if your ears do not function the way they are supposed to, you will be deprived of some of the most beautiful sounds in the world.

Dr. Kapil Dua

Dr. Kapil Dua

Dr. Kapil Dua, Co-Founder & Chairman at AK Clinics has over fourteen years of clinical and teaching experience in the fields of Otolaryngology & Hair Transplant. He holds the recognition for having transplanted over 5 million grafts, among the highest in the world, with a record of less than 3% wastage, among the best in the world. Dr Kapil Dua is one of the most recognized Indian hair transplant surgeon throughout all the world.

He has been doing hair transplant surgeries by FUE technique since 2007, has treated thousands of patients since then and demonstrated surgeries in conferences in China, Thailand, Dubai, UK. He has published more than 40 national and international publications including chapters in all the major textbooks all over the world.

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