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Reversing Damage – The Revision Begins

AK Clinics | September, 19 2013 | 0 Comments

What happens when things go horribly wrong in a cosmetic, surgical procedure which a person undergoes with the aim of rectifying a problem; when to his dismay and anguish it doesn’t get corrected but becomes worse?  Lets start with the basic premise that hair loss is progressive in nature.  This is an important fact which is not communicated to patients at the very beginning, whichever form of treatment he or she may opt for.  It is vital to educate the person about the functioning of hair, its normal growth and then elaborate how corrective procedures do not guarantee 100% successful results; despite the expertise of the physician or surgeon.

This is not to say that the surgeon’s capability should be questioned or doubted; nor does it mean that anyone can set up a clinic and perform a procedure.  The point to be noted is that nature has its own way of bestowing and depriving, science and technology can merely lighten the load, to an extent.  For instance, someone can acquire flawless skin with the progress dermatology has made or the much-craved for hourglass figure with mesotherapy.  Similarly, a successful hair transplant implies that a natural appearance is created based on the knowledge of the person’s natural hairline. But if the result is an unfavourable one, revisionary surgery is the best bet.

When errors in judgement and errors in technique lead to unanticipated and aesthetically displeasing scars, then revision hair transplant comes to your rescue! In one instance, sparse hair growth on the forehead could not camouflage indentations, in another instance follicular transfer from the back of the scalp gave such a pebbled look that it was more discomforting for the patient than the receding hairline that was to be corrected. At A K Clinics, our experts have to procure a detailed and thorough analysis of each and every person, maintain in-depth case study of every problem, symptom, procedure and solution. Thorough research into unique nuances, enable our team to get individual insights and follow-up accordingly. Visit our centre at Ludhiana, Mumbai or Delhi, for a consultation or contact us on, we would be happy to clear doubts and misapprehensions.

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