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What is shock loss?

AK Clinics | March, 11 2016 | 0 Comments

Que: I have been reading up on hair transplants and I have come across the term shock loss. Can you please tell me what it means and what are the chances of it occurring?

Ans: When a hair transplant is done, hair is taken from the permanent or donor zone, which is normally the back side of the head or the sides. This is the part of the head, which normally never loses hair. The hair thus extracted is then implanted into the recipient zone, which is the area where the balding has taken place. If the hair is being implanted into an area where there is diffused hair loss, there is the chance that the blood supply as well as the natural nutrition is not in abundance. So, when the hair reaches the telogen or resting phase, the hair will fall off. This is however a natural and normal process and nothing to worry about, because your hair will grow back in a few months, after the surgery.

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