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What will be the downtime, post my hair restoration surgery?

AK Clinics | February, 23 2016 | 0 Comments

Que: I am planning to get a hair restoration surgery soon, but I really need to know how much time I will have to take off from work?

Ans: The downtime is totally dependent on the kind of procedure you are going for – for an FUT, you will have stitches as well as dressing, both of which will need a little over a week to be removed. However, if you are going in for an FUE, then the dressing might be removed on the third day. As long as you do not have a job where you have to physically strain yourself, you should be able to return. It might be wise to wear a cap, to protect your newly placed grafts. In case you are not comfortable wearing a cap or are not allowed to wear one to work, you might want to wait for three weeks, which is when the scars in the donor area will get covered by the newly grown hair and the donor hair will have fallen off.

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