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When Priyanka Chopra Revealed Her Beauty Secrets!

AK Clinics | March, 17 2017 | 0 Comments

When you think of India, you think of beautiful Indian women, but there are some stunning Indian women, who have managed to take the entire world by storm. Of late, it is Priyanka Chopra who is ruling the world, and her popularity is reaching the skies. When this young girl from Bareilly won the Miss World, little did people know that one day she would become the face of Indian cinema! Today, her beautiful face and immense talent is making the world sit up and take notice of this stunner!

Priyanka Chopra 2017 Beauty Tips

Recently, Priyanka shared a few of her beauty secrets, which included three do it yourself methods of keeping your skin clean, clear and looking radiant. The scrubs use ingredients that you can find quite easily in your kitchen cupboard and find their roots, deep in the Indian culture. As a matter of fact, certain versions of these skin scrubs have existed in Indian homes for centuries, such as the ubtan, which is a natural exfoliation and hydration method for the skin.

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Priyanka reminisced about how her mother used to use these natural methods to keep her skin looking radiant and how she still relies on these scrubs to keep her skin looking healthy. Given that she has to spend a lot of time, wearing makeup and under harsh climatic and environmental conditions, she loves to pamper her skin, as and when possible with these DIY remedies. In addition, she loves to pamper her body from within, which is why she has a constant supply of coconut water, because it not only hydrates the body and skin from within, it also provides important electrolytes to the body.

  • Yoghurt mask for the scalp – If your scalp has been feeling unhealthy or undernourished, then this is the best way out for you. Combine one egg, with a teaspoon full of natural honey and add full fat yoghurt to create a thick paste. Apply this paste to your scalp and leave it like you would, a hair mask. Ideally, the mask should sit on your scalp for atleast half an hour. After this, you can wash off the mask with warm water and preferably a really gentle shampoo, such as a baby shampoo.

Priyanka Chopra Beauty Secret 1

  • Sea salt lip scrub – A pinch of sea salt needs to be mixed with a few drops of pure glycerine. Although it is optional, it is a good idea to add a few drops of rose water to the mix, because the rose water adds an additional level of hydration to the lips. Once all the ingredients have been added to a bowl, you need to mix it well and then gently spread the mix over the lips. You can leave the mix on the lips for a few minutes, before gently scrubbing it away using your fingers. After this, you can wash the mix off, and the sea salt will exfoliate all the dead skin away, leading to healthier and plumper skin. In case, you have uneven colour on your lips, you can add a few drops of lemon juice to the mix.

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Priyanka Chopra Beauty Tips 1

  • Ubtan body scrub – This is an age old trick that has been used by grandmothers and mothers for centuries in India, and Priyanka’s mom was no different. She mentioned that her mother used this scrub on a teenaged Priyanka to ensure that she always had healthy and radiant skin. Into a cup of gram flour, you need to add a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice. With Greek yoghurt, you need to create a paste that is smooth and if you feel the need to make it thinner, you can use whole milk. If you have oily skin, then you need to replace the yoghurt with fat free yoghurt and you should use only skimmed milk. In case, you don’t have gram flour, you can use whole wheat flour too. Once the paste has been created, you need to add a small spoonful of sandalwood powder and a pinch of turmeric. Apply this mixture all over your body and leave it to dry, which should normally take about 25 to 30 minutes. By wetting your hands constantly, you can scrub the entire dried paste away and then shower in a normal manner. It is best that you not use soap after this.

DISCLAIMER: The above views are personal from the celebrity and have been shared only in right spirit. These are not any treatment methods advised by AK Clinics Pvt Ltd.

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