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Which is cheaper and better – FUE or FUT?

AK Clinics | March, 5 2016 | 0 Comments

Que: I was encouraged by a friend and I got an FUE procedure done by a reputed hair transplant surgeon. I am presently 40 years old and am losing a lot of hair; as a matter of fact, I have lost almost 35% of my hair. I am now considering yet another transplant, but I am worried about the actual procedure, whether it will give me the results that I am looking for, the possible complications, side effects and also the costs. Can you help me?

Ans: We have taken a look at the photos that you have sent and by that we can see that you have lost almost all the hair from the top of the head. So, the area of baldness is greater than the donor area. You have to understand that you might require several sittings, in order to cover the bald area. Ideally, you should aim at covering the front of your head first, and that can be done by either FUT or FUE. If you are worried about your scalp getting cut or you having a linear scar, then you should consider FUE. In case you are not looking at keeping your hair short, we would suggest that you go for a combination of strip and FUE, because that will help you cover a larger area. As for the cost, there are several variables involved, including the experience of the doctor and his team as well as how well equipped the clinic is. As this is a medical procedure, we would suggest that you not look at the price factor, because someone who charges less, could also offer you lesser benefits in terms of the surgery itself.

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