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Why Laser Hair Removal is Not Just for Women

Monica Chahar | March, 5 2016 | 0 Comments

There was once a time when hair removal was considered to be the sole propriety of women. For many women, all across the world, hair removal was also a matter of hygiene. While men would have regular haircuts and shave their faces each day, the hair removal would probably stop there. However, today, hair removal has gone beyond the gender barrier and even men are doing it, either to look good or to maintain a greater sense of personal hygiene.
Today, a growing number of men are looking at hair removal, especially on their back and chest. There are also several men who are looking at methods by which they can have more shaped eyebrows.

Laser Hair Removal in Men
It does not come as a big surprise that these days, there are several methods of hair removal and while each has its own set of pros and cons, there are some which are being preferred more over the others. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular methods of hair removal for men:

Hair removal creams:

This is perhaps the easiest and most convenient of methods, because hair removal creams can be purchased at any medical store or even at supermarkets. The method of application is normally given on the pack itself and many a times, it requires nothing more than application, leaving it there for a while and then washing the same off. The procedure normally does not take more than a few minutes and can be done without assistance from anyone else. However, it is important that you do a patch test first, because many people tend to get an allergic reaction to the chemicals in the cream. There is also the chance that people might develop rashes after using the cream. It is essential that you choose a brand that is recognized, because going with cheaper products could do permanent damage to your skin. Hair removal creams can be used for most parts of the body, apart from the face and the results should last close to 10 days.


This is perhaps one of the most popular methods of hair removal for women all over the world, and today, even men are looking at it, as an option. What is good is that you no longer have to deal with sticky hot wax solutions, which caused incredible pain and left you with rashes all over. Today, there are soy based waxes, which are almost like a lotion – all you have to do is apply the same to the skin, cover with a special cloth and the minute the lotion dries out, you can pull the cloth away. The pain is almost the same as pulling a bandage and the cloth will pull away all the hair with it. The time taken to complete the process depends on how much area needs to be covered and how extensive the growth is. Some of the most commonly waxed parts of the body include the chest, legs, arms, underarms, eyebrows, hair on the ears and neck. The results should ideally last for four to six weeks, but this does depend on the rate of hair growth.

Back shavers:

These days, you can get specialty razors, which are meant to shave the back. The blades on these razors are quite wide, almost an inch and a half and the handle sits on a hinge, which allows it to move. The foot long handle allows you to shave your back and shoulders, pretty much in the same manner as you would use a back brush while you are taking a bath. As would be obvious, the razor is ideal for parts of the body that hands are not able to reach normally. Ideally, this type of device can be used to shave the back, shoulders and even the buttocks. However, given that it is a razor, there is always the chance of the skin getting cut, which is why it is important to use it very carefully. Since it is basically a shaving process, the results will last only a few days.

Laser hair removal:

This is perhaps one of the best options. A laser light is used to penetrate the shaft of the hair and that actually kills the root itself. However, the follicle does not die, which means that while a hair can regrow in the same spot, the growth is delayed. Laser hair reduction is the best way of removing hair on the chest, stomach, back and even the genital area. However, this is a procedure that should be done by a professional, because if done by someone who does not have the sufficient experience, things could get seriously botched up. While the time taken to complete the procedure will depend on how large an area needs to be covered, there is not a lot of pain or discomfort.


This is yet another method which is ideal for men because electrolysis is a permanent solution. An super slim needle is used to enter each hair shaft and by using controlled electricity, the very cells that form the hair follicle are destroyed. Since the cells themselves are destroyed, there is no way that hair will grow back again. The process does not take a lot of time and is the ideal choice for areas such as the eyebrows, neck and even the genital area. However, if the procedure is being done for the genital area, then there might be the need for local anesthesia.

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