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Will a hat affect my hair transplant?

AK Clinics | March, 28 2016 | 0 Comments

Que: I had a hair transplant surgery about a year back and almost a month after the surgery, I started wearing hats to work. I was wearing beanies and snapbacks, but nothing very tight. As a matter of fact, I made sure that they were never tight. However, now, a year later, I am not very happy with the way my hair transplant has shaped up. Could it be because of the hats or did I miss something important?

Ans: Newly transplanted hair is the most delicate in the first two weeks, which is why you need to take care of it during that period. In most situations, wearing a cap, one month after the surgery should not have caused much problems. Additionally, transplant results are not affected by any vitamins or shampoos, although taking care of your existing hair should prove beneficial in the long run. Coming to the point of you not being satisfied – there could be a difference in what your surgeon will describe as successful and what makes you happy. The level of success would actually be dependent on the how many transplanted grafts managed to hold on. If you are looking for high density, then we would suggest that you go for more procedures.

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