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Hair Gain Therapy

Hair-Gain Therapy has given very effective results in hair thinning & even in new hair growth. At our clinic, we offer hair gain therapies for the patients who do not have excessive hair fall. These therapies promote the hair growth and encourage slow hair follicles to grow at a better rate. These therapies include ‘Low Level Laser Therapy’, ‘Mesotherapy’ & ‘Bio therapy’. These therapies accelerate the hair growth rate without any complications. But to maximize the results after every procedure, you need to follow the instructions given by the doctor properly. Following are the post op instructions of the hair restoration therapies which will help to improve the results and will avoid the risk of any side effects after the procedure.

Post Op Care Instructions after PRP/Bio Therapy for Hair Growth

PRP is platelet rich plasma therapy for hair re-growth. It is a non-surgical hair restoration procedure in which blood is derived from your own body and other growth factors are added along with the separated plasma. PRP contains the growth factors and cytokines which enhance and stimulates the hair follicle function. It also improves the hair caliber, hair texture along with the hair growth. The procedure will take around 2-3 hours or will depend on the area to be covered.

It is a safe procedure but just like any other treatment, to get the most out of it, you have to do few things prior the treatment and as well as take very good care of your scalp after the treatment. To avoid minor complications, follow these post treatment instructions after PRP therapy properly;

  • Avoid pressing, scratch or rubbing the area in which growth factors are infused for at least 8 hours after the treatment. Rubbing or scratching with nails can cause infection at the site of injection. Do not use any hair oil or do hair massage after your treatment.
  • There may be redness and swelling on the scalp after the treatment. Do not wet your hair or apply ice on the area of swelling as it can hinder the activity and decrease the concentration of growth factors.
  • If you are sensitive, you may feel pain, numbness or stinging sensation after the treatment. Do not take any pain killer to combat the pain. Talk to the doctor, ask for the pain killer and then take the one prescribed by him/her.
  • Avoid all blood thinning medicines like Advil, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Aleve for at least 4-5 days after your treatment. These listed medications can diminish your results. If you have cardiac problem and taking Aspirin, then consult with the doctor once.
  • Avoid direct exposure to intense heat or UV rays for at least 2 days after your PRP treatment. Cover your scalp while going out after the treatment. Try to avoid saunas, steam rooms or swimming for 2-3 days.
  • Do not use any chemicals, hair colors or other hair products like spray, gel etc at least within the span of 72 hours after your treatment. These chemical agents can interact with the growth serums and can cause allergic reactions.
  • Hair styling tools like straighteners, dryers or curlers also generates heat and damages the components present in hair. The growth factors from PRP can also get affected with the heat generated by these tools. So avoid usage of these tools for at least 2- 3 days.
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol, caffeine 2 days before or even after 2 days of the treatment. Do not smoke also. The presence of nicotine in cigarette or other alcoholic agents impacts the healing process of the body and retards the hair growth.
  • You can wash your scalp with gentle shampoo after 24 hours.

Post Op Care Instructions after Low Level Laser Therapy for Hair Growth

Low-powered (cold) lasers generate laser light which are known to provide light energy to all the hair roots which accelerates the growth of hair. The laser light is known as LLLT or Low-Level Laser Therapy. Follow the post low-level laser therapy instructions for better hair growth and minimal side effects.

  • There may be slight tingling sensation during the treatment which can even last for few hours after the treatment.
  • Always massage gently on the scalp and for 5-8 minutes with oil or lotion prescribed by the physician.
  • Remember the minoxidil application after every 2 days or as described by the physician.
  • Rinse thoroughly the minoxidil from the hair or scalp.
  • Due to laser, you may feel mild headache after the treatment. This will not last long but in case of severe headache, you can take mild painkiller prescribed by the physician.

Post Op Care Instructions after Mesotherapy for Hair Growth

Mesotherapy at AK Clinics is performed by two methods i.e. with the derma rollers or with the electroporation method. The whole procedure is safe but few things which you have to take care of are as follows;

  • Use properly the scalp care products like lotions, topical etc recommended by the physician after your treatment.
  • Do not use the tanning beds or saunas after the treatment for few days.
  • Do not intake alcohol or do smoking 5-7 days before and 2-5day after the treatment.
  • There may be redness or mild swelling on the scalp. Use the topical prescribed by doctor.
  • Minor bruising sometimes appears. It will resolve itself with the time.
  • Do not take blood thinning agents for 4-5 days before and after your treatment.