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Carbon Peel Facial in Bangalore

AK Clinics offers the carbon laser peel treatment in Bangalore. Carbon laser peel or carbon peel facial is one of the most popular laser resurfacing and acne scar treatment nowadays. It has revolutionised the skin rejuvenation treatment and has also proven beneficial for the reduction of excess oil in people with oily skin.

It offers an excellent way to exfoliation & helps to refreshes your skin, provides a prompt clear skin and leaves your skin firm, soft & smooth. Carbon laser peel is also known as carbon laser facial or carbon laser toning.


What is Carbon Peel?

Carbon peel mask is completely non-invasive and painless laser based skin procedure that helps to quickly remove the variety of skin flaws and imperfections including skin texture, tone, and pigmentation and also improves collagen production. It is a revolutionary laser skin treatment which is completely painless with minimal downtime.

Benefits of Carbon Peel Laser Treatment

There are number of skin benefits after carbon peel treatment for skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation. You will observe the clear and glowing skin after your complete treatment.

Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Facial promotes skin rejuvenation by exfoliating dead skin cells and stimulating collagen production. This results in a smoother, brighter complexion and reduced signs of ageing.

Acne and Oil Control

Carbon peel is effective in treating acne and controlling excess oil production. When the laser is applied, it targets and reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands, helping to manage acne and minimize pore size.

Even Skin Tone

One of the benefits of carbon peel is its ability to address uneven skin tone and pigmentation issues. The treatment targets areas of hyperpigmentation, such as sunspots and age spots, promoting a more uniform skin tone.

Minimized Pores

Carbon peel helps minimize the appearance of enlarged pores by clearing out debris and excess oil. The laser treatment tightens the skin, leading to a reduction in pore size and an overall smoother skin texture.

How Carbon Laser Peel Works?

Carbon for skin also works as the detoxifying agent and has the clout the deep-rooted debris or dead skin cells from the skin. At AK Clinics, we use the dual toning laser device for the carbon peel procedure. It follows the three stage approach for the complete skin rejuvenation process.


In the carbon peel treatment, a layer of carbon peel or activated carbon is applied on the entire face. This layer works as an exogenous artificial chromophore or photo-enhancer so that the effects of laser's photo thermal & photo acoustic effects can be increased on the applied area.


The long pulse laser gently heats the water molecules present in the carbon cream and carbon bonds well to the pores & skin. Then when laser is passed, all the dead skin cells, dirt or impurities binds to the carbon peel and there is increased collagen production too.


A short laser pulse breaks the carbon into the minute particles. The high intensity of laser is absorbed by the carbon particles, thereby destroying the carbon layer on the skin. Along with the carbon layer, dead skin cells, oil or impurities are also removed that were bound to the carbon peel with the help of photomechanical destruction.

How We Do It

What are the skin conditions for Carbon Peel?

There are certain indications of carbon peel and carbon peel facial effectively treats these skin conditions within less time of span. However, this time can vary from patient and patient and according to the severity of the skin conditions or area to be treated.

  • Shallow complexion or rough skin
  • Erythema
  • Skin discoloration
  • Acne vulgaris
  • Black heads, pimples, pustules & papules
  • Enlarged pores
  • Ageing signs (Fine lines & wrinkles)


Post treatment care of Carbon Peel Laser Treatment

There are few simple aftercare instructions of the carbon peel treatment. Ask the dermatologist for the carbon peel care instructions to minimize the risk of any side effects of complications.

If you have redness or burning sensation, apply cold compress or ice packs on the treated area to reduce the swelling or redness.
Do not scrub your skin for few days. Use gentle face wash instead and treat your skin in the gentlest way.
Avoid Excessive Exposure To The Heat And UV Rays. Apply The Sun Screen Liberally At Least 20 Minutes Before Going Out In The Sun.
Dermatologist may also prescribe the topical medications after carbon peel treatment to reduce the skin discoloration.

Our Patients Testify

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Questions Asked By The Patients


How can Carbon Peel Laser Skin Rejuvenation help me?

Carbon Peel Laser Skin Rejuvenation treatment is suitable for men & women of all ages and is beneficial for people with acne, fine lines, dull or poor skin tone, large pores and helps to lessen the premature signs of ageing.

How does the Carbon Peel treatment feel?

During the carbon peel procedure, you may feel the sensation of warm which will not be painful. After the treatment you can observe a clear looking and glowing skin.

Features of Carbon Peel Laser Treatment

  • Enhanced & Immediate results after the treatment
  • Lunch break skin procedure
  • Neat & Clean procedure
  • Non Invasive and completely painless procedure
  • No serious complications

Is there any downtime after the Carbon Peel Laser skin treatment?

No. There is as such no downtime after the procedure. The procedure is completely non-invasive and you can return to your normal activities straight after the treatment. But you must apply sunscreen before going out in the sun.

How many treatments will I require for Carbon Peel treatment?

The second sitting can be taken 15 days a month apart. For the whole, you may require 3-6 sittings depending upon the skin condition and area to be treated.
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