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Why does Androgenetic alopecia occur?

AK Clinics | November, 11 2014 | 0 Comments

“Hi, I am Mr. Goel, 32 year old male, I am Suffering from alopecia. Can you please tell me what and why I am suffering from this condition”.

Hi, Mr. Goel First of all, I would like to thank you for mailing us to know more about alopecia. The hair loss or Alopecia has got many causes and the most common cause is Androgenic alopecia.

It is a type of hair loss which is carried through the genes and is known to affect both men and women. In non-medical terms, this condition is known as male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness respectively. In such a scenario, the hair loss can start at a very early age, and there is minimal chance for regrowth. We are able to diagnose the same by observing the receding hairline and the loss of hair from the front part of the scalp. In women, this condition occurs post their 40s and for them, we have observed that there is general thinning, as opposed to men, in whom there is localised balding.

Apart from this, there are numerous other types and categories of the same. For instance, involutional alopecia is a naturally occurring condition, in which the hair starts to thin with age. This happens most often, because of more hair going into the resting phase, which leads to reduced numbers and length.

On the other hand, there is alopecia areata, which attacks the hair of young people, mostly children. In rare cases, there is something called alopecia totalis, wherein there is complete baldness with loss of entire scalp hair. However, in most cases, the hair regrows in some time. There is also a more severe version of alopecia known as alopecia universalis, wherein the hair from all parts of the body are also lost, including the eyebrows and lashes.

Then there is the condition that in medical terms is known as  telogen effluvium and is a thinning of hair, that is short lived. This happens during the transition periods between the anagen-catagen or catagen-telogen phases. Since hair is in a rest period, there is thinning and shedding, but this is generally not an elongated phase.

It will be better if you can send your pictures to us from the front top, Sides and back to give us a better picture and then we can suggest to you the treatment for the same.

Line diagram with age on X axis, percentage of baldness Y axis…

20 years 20%
30 yrs 30%
40yrs 40%
50 yrs 50%
60 yrs 60%
70 yrs 70%

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